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Visiting Ojcow National Park

If your time budget for your trip to Krakow allows, you should definitely consider spending a day outside of city so you can get a better feel for landscape of this area. Both tourists and locals alike have made Ojcow National Park a popular destination for those looking to get out of town, but not too far, for a day in the country. The interesting geological formations and fantastic views make Ojcow a great way to spend the day!


Let’s go outside!

Ojcow Park features a truly unique geological landscape, exceptional flora and fauna, two castles and a number of amazing wooden buildings. How’s that for a good start?


There’s so much to see and do in Ojcow. Anyone looking for a side trip just outside of Krakow or who wants to get out in the sunshine in the open air should make the time to go. A walk among the ruins of a 14th century castle and another nearby castle from the 19th century and much else awaits visitors. These sites are an important point in what is called the Eagles Nest Trail, which stretches throughout the region. There’s also a nearby exhibit of the natural history of Ojcow, where you can learn about the geology, hydrology, prehistory and people of of the park.


After entering through the Pradnicka Valley, you will have the chance to take in the amazing panoramic view from Jonaszowka Rock and admire the landscape far in the distance. There are also two caves waiting for you in Ojcow. One has the remains of a Neanderthal encampment and is the home of two of the park’s most unique creatures – the most venomous spider in Poland and a tiny species of bat. A very popular attraction in Ojcow is a picturesque gorge of tight rock formations with its own micro-climate. Bring your stay to a close by visiting the castle and contemplating the enormous Herculues rock formation, the most famous in the park. Find more information about Ojcow at

Ojcow Park with a local guide

We make it easy to see Ojcow National Park with someone who knows just where to go and can tell you all about it. You won’t miss anything or make any wrong turns and you can relax and enjoy your trip to a truly remarkable place. Let’s go!