Wellness Resort

Wellness Resort

5 star facility wellness resort in mysore.India

Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre (IVAC) is constructively engaged in the revival of an affordable, reliable and proven Ayurvedic healthcare system. Through scholarly research and study, IVAC seeks to improve our understanding of the disease process, the role played by modern lifestyles in producing stress and anxiety and how to deal with them.

Our approach to teaching and practicing Ayurveda is multi-disciplinary. We examine the complex interactions between the physical, social, mental and environmental factors and how they affect our lives. Thus, our programs reside at the qualitative end of holistic care, wherein our practitioners and the recipients of care interact much more closely than in conventional modern medicine.

To help us achieve our aims, we have been fortunate to obtain the services of professionals from varied backgrounds who have brought to the Foundation, their enthusiasm, experience, commitment and expertise in such diverse fields as medicine, psychology, social sciences as well as complementary therapies.

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