Wellness Travel Canada

Wellness Travel Canada

Luxury customized wellness travel for exclusive Spa, Romance, Golf, Ski, Nature and Cruise travel

Tour operator “4 Wellness travel” is pleased to announce the release of their first specialized brand beiing “Wellness Travel Canada” (WTC)Experience an atmoshere created in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature, balanced with a fine mix of the intricate detailed art of a time bygone and contemporary luxury.

Simply, a lifestyle of sheer splendor where clients can slumber in style, cozy, inviting and relaxing, be it a celebration, an exploratory tour, a leisure retreat or a relaxing escape, WTC will fulfill fantasies & dreams and make it a memorable adventure.

Services are personalized to cater to the wishes of the clientele, offered by our dedicated team of experts. Pre-designed tours for clients who prefer privacy or a personalized vacation that is totally tailor made, incorporate the best of everything.

WTC’s services are timeless with a guarantee of high quality and high standard “Wellness” related luxury travel itineraries with some themed and exclusive suggestions like Spa, Golf, Ski, Nature, Romance and inbound and outbound Cruises and the preferred selection of choices for private or public air and and land transport is unlimited.

Enjoy a myriad of quality, revitalize the mind and body and rejuvinate the senses and soul, a promise of a unique adventure time after time.

“Stay Well”

  1. Ami waugh says:

    4 wellness travel Canada is amazing. I am very impressed with the great depth of the packages. Having spoken to this company directly I would recommend them to any highend traveler or any traveler looking for the ‘wow’ in travel. This is a site to come back to and a company to watch out for. this changes the way you can travel and how you think about how you travel, great job!!!! these are the people I want to deal with

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