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What To Expect On Your Trip To Bali

Whether you are headed to Bali to get away for the holidays or just planning a dream vacation, there are without a doubt tons of exciting things to see and do. You probably already know to avoid excessive alcohol consumption, avoid tourist traps, and never show too much skin on the beaches, but there are still a lot of things that will surprise you on your trip to Bali. This is why it is imperative to be prepared and have the most information possible in order to get the most out of your trip. Below, you will learn about some of the things that shock first time visitors when they arrive in Bali.

 Be Prepared To Sweat

It does not matter how much research you have done into the climate, there is nothing like experiencing it first hand. With the hot all year around weather make sure that you pack open-toed shoes, cotton fabrics, and kaftans. While any tourist site will recommend visiting Bali between May and July, there is still a good chance that you are going to leave a puddle of sweat everywhere you go. Just make sure that you are dressing appropriately and staying hydrated.

You Will Be Overwhelmed With Culture

If there is one thing that you can say about Bail it is that they take their culture very seriously. There are temples, ritual sites, and offerings set up just about everywhere you go. You can find these sites outside the hotels, along the roadsides, and around the shops. The locals are not one bit shy about their beliefs and worship practices, as you will find everyone from children to parents dressed and ready for the temple.

Don’t Expect To Save On Antiques

Many people engage in the Bali tour packages in order to take advantage of the bargains and sales. Of course, the markets are extremely fun if you have never been and they are certainly worth checking out. However, over the years shopping in Bali has truly grown more and more sophisticated. In fact, if you have come to Bali to find bargains on antiques and silverware, you have come to the wrong place, as you can expect to pay exactly what you would pay back home. You might even end up paying more, because the locals love to haggle prices, especially when it comes to dealing with tourists.

Stay Away From The Water

With the excessive heat you are going to want to consume as much water as you possibly can. However, it is imperative that you stay away from the tap water. In fact, you shouldn’t even put any ice cubes in your drink or drink anything with ice cubes. Hotels and a lot of the local shops will offer complementary bottles of water, so be sure to always take advantage of these offerings. Many first timers end up making the mistake of consuming the water and always end up sick 95 percent of the time. Don’t let this happen to you, as it could ruin your entire trip.