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What to Take Along for a Day of Boating

Prior to spending a day fishing or boating, it is important to plan out what you will take advantage. In order to be able to take full advantage of the time you spend out on the water, you will need to be prepared for any situation that may arise. It can be quite easy to avoid some of the most common issues including soggy shorts, hungry kids, motion sickness and bug bites if you plan ahead. Some of the must-take items for your day out on the water are found here.

Day of Boating
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Your Boat Registration

It is important to have your valid registration forms for your boat with you. It is one of the most important items that you can take along, since it provides proof you are following the state law in regard to the operation of your vessel.

A Waterproof Camera

There are quite a few different waterproof cameras out there to purchase. If you are planning on being on the water for any period of time or continue to go out again and again, it will be well-worth the investment.

A Marine Radio or Cell Phone

It is important to always have some type of communication device on board just in case of an emergency. Be sure that you know the numbers for the Coast Guard, police and marine control just in case you need them.

A Change of Clothes

Unexpected weather and boat wakes can be quite uncomfortable. There is no reason to be uncomfortable when a simply change of clothes would solve all your issues. Be sure they are stored in a plastic bag to ensure they don’t get wet too.


Taking stuff to eat and drink along for the trip is essential. You can keep your snacks, soda and water all inside, as well as your fish that are caught.

Fire Extinguisher

Every vessel is required to have a fire extinguisher on board. Be sure that you know all the safety requirements for your particular area to ensure you adhere to them and do not face penalties if your boat is inspected.

When you take some time to ensure you are fully prepared, you will find that fishing can be quite enjoyable. Ryan Lindy Sportfishing offers more information about what to take along for a successful day on the water. If you are not fully prepared, you may find that you don’t have everything that you need while you are on your boat fishing.