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Why is Iceland growing in popularity with families?

Iceland, nicknamed the land of fire and ice, has become a popular holiday destination for families who crave outdoor adventure and rare scenic beauty. The small, Nordic country boasts wilderness hiking trails, geothermal heated beaches and spas, and spectacular glaciers. In addition to its natural beauty, Iceland offers luxury accommodations amid hospitable locals. Iceland holidays provide unique experiences for families who wish to see relatively untouched, colourful landscapes that are just miles away from the modern amenities of pristine cities.

Top 3 Things to See in Iceland

Because of its unique location near the Arctic Circle, Iceland holidays offer some very exciting sightseeing adventures. Whale watching remains a favourite among visitors to Iceland. Many species of whales arrive off the shores of Iceland during the summer where they feast on the abundant marine life there. The country’s capital of Reykjavik offers sightseeing tours on comfortable boats with knowledgeable marine biologist guides. Families may enjoy seeing the formidable mammals play in their natural habitat whilst savouring light refreshments from insulated boat cabins.

Iceland has water sources in all three forms; solid, liquid, and gas. Water from its melting glaciers and plentiful rainfall feeds impressive waterfalls throughout the country. Gullfoss or golden falls is a popular waterfall to visit in southern Iceland. Gullfoss sits on the Hvítá River and provides beautiful photo opportunities during all seasons.

Some northern European countries claim unpredictable views of the famous natural light show termed the aurora borealis and the northern lights. However, Iceland’s northern territory is one of the most ideal spots to view the colourful phenomenon. The best time to view the northern lights in Iceland is during the winter months.

Top 3 Things to Experience in Iceland

More active luxury family holidays in Iceland include exploration of Iceland’s oceans. Divers that visit on Iceland holidays usually cannot resist exploring the waters surrounding the beautiful island country. Local dive shops having anticipated the draw of the Arctic waters and other Icelandic waterways are fully equipped to meet the needs of all certified divers. Guided dive tours take dry-suited visitors to parts of the ocean where cold salt water meets geothermal heated fresh water. Besides the extraordinary sensory feeling of the heated water in an otherwise cold environment, divers are able to view marine life that thrives in that unique marine environment.

Luxury family holidays in Iceland are not complete without a trip to the country’s Blue Lagoon geothermal baths. Iceland is well noted for using all of its natural resources in a responsible way to enhance the lives of its community of locals and visitors. Blue Lagoon bathing is no exception. The area is rich in minerals, marine algae, and therapeutic silica mud. Visitors reportedly derive skin care benefits from bathing and applying nature’s products.

Most families visit Iceland for a chance to explore its incomparable wilderness hiking trails. Some popular glacier trekking is conducted around Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. The area offers views of brilliant white iceberg peeking out of steel-blue waters. The picturesque Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon was also a backdrop for many famous films.

Getting Around In Iceland

Erupting geysir

Many people consider Iceland for luxury family holidays because the country offers a high standard of amenities in addition to its wilderness beauty. This includes first class, luxury lodging options as well as fine dining venues.  Rental cars and public transportation is widely available, and the friendly locals speak fluent English making Iceland a great holiday choice.