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Why You Should Plan To Travel To Zanzibar – The Island You’ll Never Forget, Never

Exotic Zanzibar is famous for its spices, wildlife, coastline and unmistakable boats called the dhow. This archipelago is in the Indian Ocean and consists of two main islands and numerous small ones. Pemba and Unguja are the big islands. The latter is what we know as Zanzibar.

There are many reasons why you should travel to Zanzibar. Experience cultures, fragrances and heritage all in one trip. Websites like and African online Travel agents can book your flight and plan your trip to this popular island.

  1. Stone Town – This UNESCO World Heritage Site is reminiscent of its grand past when the Sultans were rulers of all they saw and more. The labyrinths are fascinating and provide hours of exploration. The Town has many facets to it – the Persian baths, the House of Wonders that was the first to be equipped with electrical lights and the Makusurani graveyard, the final resting place of many of the rulers.
  2. Zanzibar red colobus – This rarest of rare primates is relatively easy to spot. With only 1500 of them in existence, their protection becomes even more vital. It lives in the Jozani Forest and is often a draw for people who visit the island. Jozani is a mangrove swamp and is home not only to the monkey but to also close to 50 kinds of butterflies and almost as many species of birds.
  3. Peace Memorial Museum – In Stone Town, you can make a visit to the Museum to learn more about the island’s varied history.
  4. Spices – Zanzibar is renowned for its fragrant spices. In fact, high on the tourist agenda is a visit to spice plantations to learn more about them. Tuck into some jackfruit while you’re there. And carry home memories of your holiday in the form of nutmeg, coriander, vanilla, clove and pepper. Spices from the source – it doesn’t get better than this.
  5. Marine tourism – Zanzibar is famed for its marine parks and the creatures one can see there. They include octopus, dolphins, lobster and the moray eel. Visitors can indulge in diving, snorkelling and swimming. They can go on a cruise in the old-fashioned dhow ( a traditional boat, distinct for its use of masts and sails) and visit one of the lesser islands that dot the landscape. In fact, Zanzibar offers the visitor many, many miles of untouched beaches, shallow waters perfect for wading and a choice of food and drink brought to you at your beach umbrella.
  6. Pemba Flying Fox – a hop away from Zanzibar is Pemba, the other main island. Here, you can get to see the endangered flying fox. You need to make your way to the fascinating Kidike root site which is the bat’s habitat. Apart from this, you can also look for the Mozambique cobra and the vervet monkeys.

Do visit the Forodhani Park to enjoy the pleasures of the garden. Stroll through Zanzibar city, take in the sights and sounds and immerse yourself in a culture that’s as old as it is contemporary.