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4 Must Have Shoes for Your Summer Vacations

One of the worst – and yet most essential – things to pack when you want to go on vacation has to be your shoes. They can take up a lot of space so it makes sense to ensure you only pack the very best and most useful pairs.

Here are the four you should never be without.

#1: flats

Flat shoes can be worn in many different situations. You can dress up casually for a night out or just wear them to go about town during the day wherever you are staying. Just make sure you pack the most comfortable and stylish pair you own.

#2: sandals

These are the must-haves. Even if you forget to pack everything else you can’t get away without sandals. Since they don’t tend to take up a lot of space you could pack two pairs of these in different designs, so you have more options. Pick ones that match in well with your outfits if you have several pairs in your wardrobe to choose from.

#3: sneakers

These aren’t always necessary – it all depends on the kind of vacation you’re going on. Beach vacations probably won’t require sneakers (unless you’re desperate to have a pair with you) but if you’re planning on taking an active vacation you should definitely pack a pair. They’re great for pulling on with shorts and a t-shirt to head out to the shops too.

#4: heels

Every vacation brings opportunities to dress up and go out for dinner, or for a drink. This means your suitcase should never be without a single pair of stunning heels. Since they will take up more room in your case you should pick carefully and ensure you have other outfits you can wear them with. Ideally you should pack one great outfit for the evenings or two if you have room. If you’re packing two, make sure you choose one pair of heels that will complement them both.


If you’re a true fashionista you will of course already know that it isn’t enough to just randomly sling a couple pairs of shoes into your suitcase. You have to plan ahead and ensure you have at least one pair of each of the above types of shoes to wear in all eventualities whilst you are on vacation. Different types of footwear are essential to make sure you can always dress for the occasion – whether it’s the beach or the local bar.

This guest post was written by Alex from Zando where you can buy womens fashion, shoes, skirts and boots online. Image by Markusram