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5 Shopping Strips In New York You Should Never Miss

New York is as famous for its shopping as it is for the Statue of Liberty and Wall Street. It’s considered one of the two shopping capitals of the United States, right alongside Hollywood. If you’re looking for interesting buys, amazing shops, original styles and great deals, look no further than New York’s shopping strips.

Here are five incredible New York shopping strips that you absolutely shouldn’t miss.

Strip #1: Lower Manhattan

The lower Manhattan shopping area is one of the best known shopping strips in the city. The South Street Seaport hosts all the regular name brands you’d expect: Coach, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap and more all in the open air.

The financial district, near the stock exchange is another top end shopping hub. Slightly higher end than South Street Seaport, this area sports stores like Hermes and True Religion.

Of course, we can’t forget the enormous Century 21 discount store, right across from the World Trade Center. This is one of the largest discount stores in all of New York.

Strip #2: North of Little Italy (Nolita)

North of Little Italy, or Nolita for short, has quickly become one of the hottest shopping areas around. You won’t find many recognizable big names here. Instead, you’ll find a lot of quaint mom and pop shops with many different kinds of style.

The stores in Nolita tend to be rather high end, so come with a few credit cards. You can find everything from hand made handbags to $1,000 shoes and more. For jewelry you’ll love for the rest of your life, check out the Push store on Mulberry Street.

Strip #3: Union Square

No list of New York shopping strips would be complete without Union Square. Union Square is one of the most famous hallmarks of New York. It’s also one of the biggest shopping areas in town. This is where you go to find many of the big name brands and megastores.

For starters, in the lower fifth avenue area you have recognized names like Victoria’s Secret, Kenneth Cole and Banana Republic. There are also a handful of smaller stores in this area.

Closer to Union Square you have stores like Nordstrom Rack and Designer Shoe Warehouse, where you can get massive discounts off designer fashions. You also have an array of other stores, including books and music stores like Strand Bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Academy Record and Other Music. To top the list off, you have the enormous Forever 21 store right around the corner.

Strip #4: Madison Avenue

Madison Avenue is literally the most expensive place to shop on the planet. Even if you don’t intend to spend four or five figures on your visit, this part of town is still worth checking out, if just for the experience.

The Madison Avenue shopping area centers around the Barney’s New York store, one of the most famous and most upscale major stores in New York. Barney’s sports both local designers and world renown French and Italian designs.

Then you have all kinds of smaller boutique stores that still cost a pretty penny. Don’t be surprised if you run into a few of your favorite celebrities in the area. All that said, it’s still possible to find a few surprise deals on Madison Avenue – You just have to look a bit harder.

Strip #5: Chinatown

To finish off your shopping experience with something completely different, you have New York’s Chinatown. Chinatown is unlike any other area in New York. This isn’t the place to go for $1,000 Prada handbags. But a $50 knockoff? There are plenty of those around.

Go to Chinatown for authentic Asian wear, fun trinkets, cheap knockoffs and cool gadgets of all sorts.

Unlike prices in other shopping areas in New York, the prices in Chinatown are completely negotiable. Always ask for a lower price before you pay and act like you’re willing to walk away. Don’t be surprised if they’re willing to drop the price by 20% or more!

Queen Victoria Building

Shopping Strips In New YorkChristopher Chan 

These are some of the top shopping strips in New York, each of them with a slightly different personality. While each area has its main stores, often time’s your best finds are going to be the slightly hidden stores down the little alleyways. So bring your purse, open your pocketbooks and do some shopping!

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