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5 Unusual Honeymoon Travel Ideas

Many couples spend months planning and dreaming about their wedding day and where to spend the most perfect and most romantic honeymoon. Of course, spending lazy days on a beach on a far away island is the most popular choice for newlyweds, but there are some other great choices that are often overlooked.

Nowadays, it is possible to envision any sort of honeymoon, whether it is taking a cruise, being emerged in the sea, volunteering in Africa or sleeping on a bed of ice. There are plenty alternative options for a honeymoon, and below are 5 unusual honeymoon travel ideas for newlyweds to consider.

A Cruise

Those wishing to discover beautiful beaches, lively city centres and world attractions should consider taking a cruise for their honeymoon. Instead of the normal everyday cruise choices such as those in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, why not go for something different, like a cruise through the South Pacific?

Far off islands such as Samoa, Tahiti, Fiji and Vanuatu can be explored in one holiday by taking a romantic honeymoon cruise. These cruises usually last around 10 glorious days and are filled with stunning scenery, white-sand beaches, majestic mountains and plenty of smiling faces, making them the ultimate choice for a newlywed couple. Some cruise companies like Azamara even offer special honeymoon cruise packages designed to cater specifically for the needs of honeymooners’!

An Underwater Resort

Now, imagine yourself 10 meters under the sea, complete with all the amenities you would expect in any luxurious hotel. This dream will soon become a reality at the Water Discus Hotel in Dubai. The resort will be built under the water and will feature a dive centre, swimming pools, a spa, a top-notch restaurant and a recreation area.

The Water Discus Hotel is not yet open but when it does, it is sure to be a hit. In the meantime, head to the Maldives’ Conrad Resort or Fiji’s Poseidon Resort. The Conrad Resort houses an underwater restaurant that can be transformed into a suite for a special occasion, such as a honeymoon. The Poseidon offers guests rooms that are 12 meters under the sea and surrounded by amazing marine life.

Ice Hotel Suit @ Jukkasjärvi
Ice Hotel Suit

An Ice Hotel

The complete opposite of sleeping in an underwater suite would be sleeping on a bed of ice. Sweden’s Icehotel is the first and the largest of its kind, and a great choice for an unusual honeymoon. This is not an option for a summer honeymoon, but it is a great way to celebrate a new life together in the cold winter months.

A Volunteer Honeymoon

Some couples choose to give back to others on their honeymoon, and there are companies out there that specialise in volunteer honeymoons. Taking a volunteer honeymoon doesn’t mean that your holiday will not be a luxurious one, as it is possible to help a community while staying in a fabulous resort off site. These trips get you involved in things like teaching, building and other conservation work, and are a great way to give back. Responsible Travel specialize in organizing volunteering honeymoons.

An Off Season Honeymoon

The last abnormal honeymoon travel idea is geared to those wishing to have a lavish beach holiday without enduring the crowds of the world’s most popular beach destinations. If you are after a low key yet exotic destination, head to the luxurious Al Buston Palace in Oman. This is not a great choice for a summer honeymoon, but it is the perfect place for those taking their honeymoon in the autumn or winter.

These 5 unusual honeymoon travel ideas are just the tip of the iceberg, as there are plenty of other out-of-the-way, off-the-beaten-track destinations and extraordinary ways to enjoy a romantic honeymoon.

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