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An Agoda Affiliate Review

Being a travel blogger provides an individual with a wonderful opportunity to see the world while earning money at the same time. However, we don’t all have rich parents that can pay the bills, so doing something to bring in the cash is important.

One prime way of achieving this end goal is via affiliate marketing, and there are several opportunities out there that are worthy of exploring further. One such opportunity is the Agoda affiliate program, and when you look at it more closely it is clear as to why so many people are turning to Agoda while they travel.

What is Agoda?Starplayer

Agoda is referred to as being a travel fare aggregator website where you are able to save money on various issues related to seeing the world. That means hotels, hostels, flights, as well as providing you with different special deals of the day. In other words, you can arrange your travel schedule from beginning to end, and save cash in the process.

What is the Affiliate Program?

When it comes to becoming an affiliate Agoda does provide you with more than enough tools to help you on your way. As with other affiliate programs, you earn a commission when somebody books on the Agoda website after following your unique link. That link installs a cookie on their computer for a set period of time, so even if they do not purchase immediately, you can still earn money in the near future.

Basically, the affiliate program operates the same as every other affiliate scheme out there.

The Steps.

Becoming an affiliate is easy. First, you need to head on over to their website and sign up on the affiliates page. It literally takes a few minutes to do before you are all ready to go. Also, you don’t need any previous experience in affiliate marketing to be accepted.

After that step, you should download the different tools that Agoda provide to you that will make a huge difference to the chances of people making bookings via your link. To make full use, you should have a basic website, and even a free blog on WordPress, and then install the different tools which include a hotel data file, text links to put on emails or forums, a search box to place on your site, as well as creating pretty cool banners.

Once that is done, it is simply a case of driving traffic through your links for you to start to earn some commission.

How Much Can You Earn?

This is the big question that everyone wants to know the answer to, and ultimately the amount of cash you can earn each month depends on how much traffic you can drive to your links. However, let’s look at a simple example to give you an indication.

If an individual places a booking on the Agoda website via your links that costs them $200, it means you earn a commission of $10 since the rate is 5%. This might not sound like much, but there is a tendency for people to book vacations that cost more than $200, so your earnings increase.

One key point is that your commission rate does increase alongside your number of bookings. For less than 50, it starts off at 4% with it rising to 6% if you have between 200 and 999 bookings. Should you hit it hard, then anything above that results in 7% commission, and you will be earning a healthy sum.

Now, if that sounds like very little, then it does work out at you earning a commission of 60% on the profit margins, which is a pretty good deal.

Is the Program Easy to Run?

The Agoda affiliate program is easy to run even if you are not technically minded. Their tools can be implemented in minutes, and considering you can even create a blog with a few clicks of a button, then there is no stopping you.

The hardest part is generating traffic, but there is help out there for that as well.

Is the Agoda Affiliate Program Worth the Time?

Finally, this agoda affiliate review cannot be complete without coming to a conclusion as to whether or not it is worth your time. Ultimately, it does tick all of the boxes that you should be looking for with an affiliate program. Not only do they provide you with all of the links, but you are able to promote a website that has over 1.5 million hotels as part of their network around the world.

The only thing to stress is that you do require a blog or website to be accepted, and it may take up to 72 hours for them to manually check all of this. Also, you need to earn $200 for the payout to be activated, but with all of the help you receive, this should not be too difficult for your average travel blogger.