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Coffs Harbour: The Home of Kooky Theme Attractions

Despite its natural attractiveness due to its landscape, the people of Coffs Harbour have done plenty to make the town the tourist hotspot that it is, by opening no shortage of wacky and bizarre attractions. In fact for those of you who have a bit of a kooky side, Coffs Harbour is worth a stop any time. There are quite a few strange things to visit.

The Clog Barn and It’s Miniature Railway

Like having a barn full of clogs isn’t weird enough. Owned and operated by the local federal member of parliament Luke Hartsuyker, the Clog Barn is … a barn full of clogs. Well, it’s a little more than that. It offers clogs for sale, and demonstrations on how to make them as well as allowing you to even do it yourself, partially. It is an homage to the Dutch’s most notorious … shoe. Before you leave though, walk out that back door and enter the miniature wonderland that if you have a good sense of humour should have you in stitches. No it’s not laugh at funny, it’s just wonderful. A criss crossing myriad of miniature railway and trains with small model towns, animals, farms and people with such intricacies that you could wait outside watching the trains go around and lose half a day. When I visited it I didn’t even notice the rest of my family leave. You can’t miss the place, it’s right on the highway not far from Park Beach Plaza.

The Butterfly House

Weird in a sense, but I guess someone has to do it. The Coffs Harbour Butterfly House is a really hot greenhouse full of plants and absolutely packed full of butterflies. All types! Make sure to take your handy how to identify guide in and go in search of the rarer types that like to hide. Little kids absolutely love the place. It also features a nice little gift shop and cafe and is in a nice part of town, nestled in the foothills of Bonville just south of Coffs Harbour along the highway.

Raleigh Raceway

Okay, a go kart track isn’t really that weird, and that was all this place was for a time, but at some stage the owners decided to go a bit wild and put in a few kooky things. Namely an off road tractor ride. Yes, you can jump in their farm tractor, fully equipped with off road tyres and what must be a high powered engine. They will take you out on their bush tracks and bounce you around like nothing else. They also have a fully functional aquatic park with BBQ areas, pools and slides. The place can help you waste a whole day. Situated off the highway near the township of Raleigh about half an hour south of Coffs Harbour.

The Big Banana

The list wouldn’t be complete without The Big Banana, arguably Australia’s most iconic “big thing” and the first thing people think of when you mention Coffs Harbour. The Big Banana is the worlds greatest distraction marketing tool. What you don’t see behind it when you drive past is a fully fledged amusement park featuring an ice skating rink, toboggan ride, multiple eateries, a candy shop, banana themed gift shops, an ice creamery, information kiosk oh and you can buy bananas too.

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This destination guide was prepared by the travel writer at Skedaddle. The company has prepared destination guides to locations all over Australia, including their Coffs Harbour guide travel guide.