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Don’t Forget the Photographer

Have you ever thought of hiring a photographer to accompany you and your partner or family on your next vacation? Whether you are planning an exotic getaway to one of the many Bora Bora resorts that have attracted tourists by the thousands or you are heading into the tropical jungles of Costa Rica or trekking through the Sahara desert, one of the newest trends in capturing memories is taking a professional photographer along to document your journey.

Why People on Vacation are Hiring Personal Photographers

It can be stressful and frustrating to return from a vacation only to discover your film was melted going through the security cameras at the airport, searched in customs, or destroyed by the sea mists. As well, lugging along professional camera equipment that is capable of capturing beautiful memories in difficult lighting conditions, such as fog, low light, rain, or bright, unfiltered sunlight can take your focus off of having a great time on vacation and distract you with trying to document the memories for those you left behind. As well, trying to take natural looking action shots can leave your travel companions feeling stalked and frustrated, and it can be time-consuming to attempt to corral everyone time and again for yet another group picture by a historic monument or beachside scene. With a personal and professional photographer along for the journey, you are no longer the official documenter of the trip and are free to enjoy your vacation like everyone else.

How Hiring a Vacation Photographer Can Work

There are different ways to approach the task of hiring a personal photographer to help you capture precious memories during your vacation getaway. One way, of course, is to take your photographer with you from home. This can be a pricey option as you will be purchasing a ticket, accommodations, meals, and tickets for this extra member of your party from start to finish during your vacation. A more popular and less cost prohibitive option is to hire a photographer who is local once you arrive at your vacation stop. Many hotels and resorts are even providing this service now, whether you want to hire a photographer for an entire day to catalog your adventures or you simply want an hour or two with a photographer to capture a few professional shots you can enjoy for years to come.  You can also often purchase packages at the bigger hotels and resorts that allow you to hire a photographer for certain specific sessions at hourly, half-day, day-long or whole-trip rates. Theme parks such as the Disney parks are also starting to offer photographers for hire as part of their trip packages, and families are taking them up on these packages with great enthusiasm.

Why Hiring a Photographer Makes Sense

If you are the “designated photographer” for the trip, consider how you may feel upon arriving back home to discover you are in few, if any of the shots taken on the trip? Many designated photographers are tired of doing double duty while trying to relax on vacation. It is easier to hire a photographer who can ensure each member of the travel party is equally represented in shots that are clean, fun, and usable.

Additionally, if you are traveling with children, there is always the risk of losing sight of one while attempting to capture another on film. For many families, hiring a professional photographer to accompany them on vacation not only ensures their vacation will be more enjoyable and memorable, but it will also be safer for the younger ones who are along for the trip.

Hiring a photographer to accompany you and your travel mates on vacation may at first seem like an extravagance, but after all, isn’t indulging yourself in some well-deserved luxuries what taking a vacation is all about? Consider how delighted you will be to return home with wonderful, flattering shots of you and your loved ones to share with family and friends, and you may start to warm to the idea of hiring your own professional vacation photographer the next time you travel!

Susan Randall is a veracious blogger on all things travel. She likes to cover family-friendly travel options, as well as suggest the best destinations for newlyweds. Image by sean dreilinger