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Enjoy a Caribbean Lifestyle All Year Round by Making Antigua Your Second Home

A Caribbean lifestyle seems so idyllic: sunshine all year round, beautiful islands, a laid-back vibe, and an interesting culture and cuisine. If you’ve ever visited any of the Caribbean islands, you’ll understand the draw to return time and time again. In fact, many of us dream of being more than just occasional visitors of the Caribbean.

Thankfully, living in these surroundings needn’t be a pipe dream. Full-time or part-time second home Caribbean living is available to those with the resources to make a simple application for citizenship.

Here’s how you could be enjoying a Caribbean lifestyle very soon:

Make the Most of Citizenship Opportunities in Antigua

Several Caribbean nations encourage citizenship applications, including Antigua.

Antigua welcomes citizenship applications from those who are able to invest in the island. This may be done by investing in an approved business or in approved properties.

Alternatively, citizenship can be acquired through a donation to an approved government fund. These options are possible through the Citizenship By Investment Program, which began in 2013.

Aside from making a financial investment, applicants are required to pass medical and background checks. However, the application process is fast and pretty straightforward. Antigua’s citizenship program is fast-track; there is rarely a need for a government interview with an applicant. Qualified investors usually receive their citizenship within 90 days of application.

Caribbean citizenship for your family

Your whole family can be included in your application and can, therefore, also benefit from Antiguan citizenship. As well as your spouse and children, qualified dependents can also include your parents (minimum and maximum age restrictions apply).

Enjoy the Benefits of an Antiguan Passport

An Antiguan passport allows for easy visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to around 150 jurisdictions across the globe. These currently include the EU member nations, Singapore and Hong Kong, and many more.

An Antiguan passport also allows individuals dual citizenship. This way, you may benefit from your home country citizenship, too. However, it is always suggested you take legal advice regarding this matter. You may also need to declare your second citizenship in your home country.

Come and Go as You Please

There is only a very small mandatory residency requirement in Antigua in the first five years of your citizenship: just five days. Other than this, you may call Antigua home for as little or as long as you like each year.

Enjoy Life in an Island Paradise

Above all, the greatest benefit of acquiring a Caribbean island citizenship is probably being able to call this paradise-on-earth one of your homes.

Your place in Antigua can be a tranquil sanctuary. It can be the home your family turns to when you need quality rest and relaxation time. And there is plenty of outdoor adventure and legendary Caribbean fun to be had should you desire it.

Here are five ways to enjoy island living in Antigua:

  1. Those Beaches!

Caribbean beaches need little introduction since they are typically the main draw for international visitors. As a resident, you can enjoy the pristine sand, clear skies and warm waters whenever you please. After all, there are 365 different beaches to enjoy in Antigua.

  1. Sail Away

Sailing is a popular pastime in this part of the world, and Antigua is widely regarded as the home of yachting amongst the Caribbean islands. Follow in the path of Horatio Nelson, who was once stationed in Antigua, and soak up the rich naval history to be found here especially in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Nelson’s Dockard in English Harbour.

Those who like to sail as a pastime can enjoy the island’s natural harbors and gentle winds. Savor the unbeatable views as you sail in one of the world’s most favored sailing destinations. Competitive sailors will enjoy the full program of regattas and races, too.

  1. Golf, or Just Do Whatever You Please

The beautiful climate of Antigua makes it a year-round golf and hiking haven. The island’s natural beauty makes it the perfect backdrop for the island’s excellent golf courses and renowned walking trails. Not only does Antigua boast some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, it has a National Park with hills and mountains that are bursting with wildlife and historic ruins.

Alternatively, any outdoor sport or pastime is enjoyable in Antigua for the same reasons — tennis and water sports, for example. Diving is also popular in Antigua because of the crystal clear waters and myriad sea life.

  1. Indulge Yourself

On the island, there are plenty of luxury spas and exquisite pools available for the finest relaxation opportunities. Antigua’s international clientele is well-catered to, with a full range of treatments and spa experiences accessible across the beautiful island.

  1. Enjoy the Lively Nightlife

After dark, Antigua becomes more alive than ever. Enjoy exquisite dinners of the freshest seafood cooked in the traditions of a vibrant cuisine. After dinner drinks are a popular evening pastime, too. English Harbour has the highest concentration of world-class restaurants anywhere in the Eastern Caribbean.

Steel bands perform in many local bars, ensuring the atmosphere is lively. Of course, all tastes are catered to across Antigua’s many first-class bars and restaurants.

Look Forward to an Exciting Future

Antigua’s modernization efforts are notable, particularly at the island’s brand new international airport. New luxury tourism developments are still to come. Visitor numbers are increasing. All these make Antigua a worthwhile investment opportunity for those looking to achieve business success or make a profitable investment in property.

The most exciting aspect of citizenship in Antigua, however, is perhaps the promise of a different brand of life in this most exquisite of Caribbean islands.