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Geek’s guide to dating in London

Nowadays, online dating is for everyone. It isn’t only the tech savvy that use websites such as Nonetheless, the internet remains a great place to meet someone if you’re looking for a fellow geek.

If you’re a self-confessed geek and interested in how to find love in London with eHarmony, you’ll also need some date ideas should you meet your ideal match. Here are some suggestions for the best geek dates in London…

Science Museum

There’s no better place for geeks than a science museum, and London’s is one of the best in the UK. It’s a great place to spend time, with hundreds of exhibits and displays, as well as many hands-on activities. Everything from the basics of physics to steam-powered engines to modern-day crafts can be found here. There are also some hugely entertaining shows at the museum’s IMAX cinema.

It’s a popular place for both adults and kids. However, the museum does run a ‘Lates’ night once a month for adults only, where you and your date can explore the exhibits and enjoy a drink at the same time.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is set in a stunning building and the full cast of the Diplodocus skeleton in the entry hall is worth the journey alone. There are several permanent dinosaur exhibitions, as well as other prehistoric creatures and modern day specimens. It’s a brilliant place to wander around and take everything in.

The Natural History Museum also do late night openings, as well as evening debates on varying topics, so keep an eye on the calendar when planning your date.

Royal Observatory, Greenwich

 The Royal Observatory focuses on space and time – a great place to visit for any geek. Take your date to see where the Prime Meridian Line marks the middle of the earth, as well as the 0 degrees line of longitude.

You could also take in one of the excellent shows at the planetarium or visit the camera obscura building. Located in a small summer house in the courtyard, many people don’t even realise it’s there, so keep an eye out on your visit.

Westminster Abbey

This may not seem like a geeky spot, but it does contain the final resting place of one of the godfathers of geek – Sir Isaac Newton. If you fancy taking in a little history, then you could also take a tour conducted by one of the Abbey vergers. Whatever you’re there for, the ornate building is a lovely place to bring a date.


If you’re looking to round off the day with some food and drink, inamo is a brilliantly geek-friendly eatery with two restaurants – situated on Wardour Street and Lower Regent Street. Every table has a touch surface so that you can browse the menu and order food directly from the kitchen, as well as selecting a table pattern.

You can also play computerised board games while you wait for your food, split your bill with a calculator app and call up a map to work out where to go next.


If you’re looking for some geeky dating ideas, London is a great place to find them. There are plenty of other options too, so take time to explore the city and have fun with your date.