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Exploring The Natural Beauty Of Tasmania

Tasmania is that perfect travel destination that’s the right mix of history, culture, spectacular nature and food. You could lose yourself in Tasmania, and discover that you have very little time to absorb everything this region offers. Here’s saying hello to Tasmania’s marvelous natural beauty.

Unique Island Of Contrasts

Tasmania is a wonder island, full of such incredible contrasts that you’ll be left trying to figure it all into a reasonable whole. Port Arthur, Richmond, South Hobart and other regions served as prisons during Tasmania’s colonial past. Tasmania’s many cosmopolitan cities are beautiful and quaint – worth exploring in their own right. The city of Hobart is the perfect combination of natural beauty, amazing shopping, food, culture, history and wildlife.

Mind-blowing Natural Grandeur

Tasmanian Islands: Maria Island is rich in history and is also a sea-lover’s paradise. You can enjoy your fill of sea kayaking and bushwalking here; no cars are allowed. Flinders Island on the northern end is a paradise for history buffs – there are many shipwrecks under the water, each with its own history. The Tamar Island wetlands are a natural habitat bird paradise. King Island has over 70 shipwreck sites for the explorer, glorious beaches and spectacular wildlife for the nature lover.

Tasmanian Coastline: The magnificent Tasmanian coastline abounds with crags, caves, sea cliffs, and sweeping white beaches. The Tasman National Park offers some amazing and private beaches that are worth the trip to Tasmania on their own.Coles Bay overlooks the magnificent, crystal-clear Oyster Bay, which is just a hop-skip-jump from the entrance to Freycinet National Park.Wineglass Bay is breathtaking and a photographer’s dream. This dreamy white beach is also fabulous for swimming, boating, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and other activities. The picturesque port of St Helens is famous for its game fishing opportunities. Georges Bay on the other hand, is well known for its wonderful diving shore-diving.

Tasmanian National Parks: Tasmania abounds in national parks and conservation areas that protect the natural grandeur to the fullest. There’s the Central Plateau conservation area, the Hartz Mountain National Park, the Southwest National Park, the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, the Walls of Jerusalem National Park, the Cradle Mountain – Lake Sinclair National Park and Mole Creek Karst National Park among others. Many of them offer spectacular plantlife, birdlife, wildlife, amazing beaches, waterfalls, lakes and much more.

The World Heritage-listed Southwest National Park is visible from the crescent-shaped Cockle Creek; it’s a magnificent contrast of snowy beach, crystal blue waters and brown wilderness.Tourists queue up to take the Bay of Fires walk in Mount William National Park, which teems with forrester kangaroos, woodlands, white beaches and Aboriginal middens. The Douglas-Apsley National Park is the perfect camping spot; it abounds in quiet rivers, rainforest, tall eucalypts and pines andwaterfalls.

The Ben Lomond National Park is a draw for adventure seekers, with skiing and rock climbing opportunities. The Narawntapu National Park is a wildlife lovers’ destination, where you can meet kangaroos, wallabies and wombats in their natural habitat. The limestone caves of Mole Creek Karst National Park are a must-visit. These caves sit beneath the Great Western Tiers, which the Aboriginal people know as Kooparoona Niara. Follow the majestic Gordon River as it meets the wild Franklin River and tumbles through the forested valleys of the World Heritage-listed Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park.

The Natural Beauty Of Tasmania
The Natural Beauty Of TasmaniaMark Wassell / Beach Photos / CC BY-NC-ND

Tasmanian Wilderness: Explore the magical wilderness of Cataract Gorge and try your hand at hang-gliding, abseiling or rock climbing the gorge’s walls. It’s the perfect place for a stroll through ferny glades and a dramatic chairlift trip. The Tarkine Wilderness has fabulous sand dunes, a temperate rainforest and many Aboriginal sites. Don’t miss Cradle Mountain and its many bushwalks, lookout spots and magnificent wilderness.

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