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Canadian’s Favorite Places to Visit in the U.S.

For Canadians, there are a number of popular U.S. destinations to travel to that offer a rich history of the country, as well as incredible scenery and landmarks. Canadians continue to cross the border to experience the culture and visit some of the most popular places visited in the world.

1. Los Angeles, CA

Known for movie sets and celebrities, L.A. is the film capital of the world. Here, you can see the famous Hollywood sign in the hills, along with movie lot tours, Universal Studios, and even the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. It’s one of the most popular places to travel to in the U.S. for its perfect weather. L.A. is also home to Venice Beach where the arts are lively.

2. New York, NY

Equally impressive is The Big Apple. New York is one of the most visited cities for its bustling environment and famous landmarks. Here, you can visit The Statue of Liberty by boat, The Empire State Building, and even stroll Central Park. It’s also home to sliced pizza, bagels, and delicious cheesecake. Don’t forget to try the hot dogs and nuts sold by vendors on the street.

3. Chicago, IL

You won’t find better deep dish pizza than in Chicago. Known for its delicious eats and artistic culture, Chicago is hub to plenty of museums and historic buildings. Try visiting the Skydeck, which is the tallest building on the Western Hemisphere, and also popular for its glass enclosed balcony. Don’t forget to see the Adler Planetarium, the Art Institute of Chicago, and Navy Pier.

4. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is one of the most bustling tourist destinations in the world. A Canadian website called Kanetix says California is the second most popular state that Canadians like to visit. Made famous for its incredible Golden Gate Bridge, this city is beautiful and exciting with many different characteristics. Take a tour of Alcatraz to visit a historic prison on an island or try some of the world’s best seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf. You can also ride the cable cars to experience some of the most steep hills in the state.

5. Las Vegas, NV

Made famous by plenty of films and TV shows, Las Vegas is better known for its hotels and casinos on the strip. Here, you can experience luxurious pools in the desert’s warm weather or try your hand at a game of poker. There’s also endless amounts of buffets available where it’s all you can eat! Don’t forget to experience the famous fountain show at the Bellagio.

6. Hawaii

Hawaii may have few residents, but it’s also one of the most popular vacation spots for Canadians. The warm breeze, white sands, and clear waters are enough to draw in millions of tourists each year for a relaxing stay. Popular activities on all of the islands include scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, and surfing.

7. Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. holds beautiful architecture that tells many stories of America’s history. Between The White House, historic Georgetown, and countless memorials, a trip to D.C. will leave you with a deep appreciation for the country.

The Jefferson Memorial