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Getting To And Around The Beautiful City Of Guilin

Guilin is overflowing with a lot of places you should visit, starting with Longsheng–a place boasting tons of unforgettable attractions. To get here, you can fly on a plane, cruise on a boat or ride on a train.

By Plane

Book your ticket in advance, perhaps weeks before the date you plan on traveling to Guilin. The longer you wait, the higher the price is going to be. One of the best airlines is Air Asia; it offers affordable flights to Guilin. If you decide to take a bus to reach town, prepare to spend about 20 yuan. Also, be prepared to wait because buses typically will only leave when they are filled to capacity.

By Boat

If you come from Yangshuo, you can get to Guilin by boat at almost no cost. You can make your trip more interesting by taking a tour while cruising on the Lijiang River. As luck would have it, you can purchase any number of boat tickets at either your hotel or at the ticket office, which is located on Binjiang Road just south of Fir Lake.

By Train

Guilin has two train stations–the Guilin Railway Station (South Station) and the Guilin North Railway Station (North Station). Many trains arrive to and depart from Guilin City, so you can take your time and purchase a ticket at the most convenient time.

Located on Zhongshan Road, the Guilin Railway Station is more conveniently situated than the North Station. 3, 4 and 16 are the numbers of the city buses that will take you to the station. It will be better for you to get off at the South Station as that is where handy transportation is available.

Because the city is a mid-route stop and not a terminus, you might not be able to purchase sleeper tickets at the Guilin sales office. Therefore, you should take the time to make reservations at least five to 10 days in advance. The booking service fee is going to be anywhere from 20 yuan to 50 yuan per ticket.

Get Around In Guilin

To get your day started, you should get a map from a local shop. You will be able to see where everything is located. The cheapest way to get around Guilin is to take a bus. Some of the buses are free. You should opt for bus number 58; it goes to many of the city’s parks, restaurants and attractions. Take note that taxis are available and inexpensive, but during peak hours (5:30 pm to 7 pm), they can be hard to catch.

Li-River near Yangshuo - 阳朔

Chinese New Year

Spring Festival has been kicking off for more than 2,000 years. Hence, it is among the most important festivals in China. You can witness it up close and personal this year by joining 2013 Chinese spring festival Guilin tours. The Spring Festival lasts from Lunar January 1st to the 15th. One of the things that you can do to join in on all the fun is to forego cleaning for the first few days of the festival.