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Guinness and Golf: Why Ireland Is The Trip For You!

Ireland is an amazing country, full of rolling green hills and quaint villages. It’s a dream vacation for many, and for good reason: there are a myriad of things to see and do in the beautiful countryside. A web search will net you all sorts of fantastic things to do in the emerald green land, but here are our top five picks:

Guinness Storehouse Tour

A private tour of the storehouse can be arranged for groups of ten or more. If you don’t have ten people in your traveling party, see if your hotel or apartment can put together a group of like-minded guests for you! The tour includes a walking tour of the storehouse with a “Stout Expert”, three tasting samples: Guinness Draft, Guinness Foreign Extra and Guinness Extra Stout, two pints of Guinness and a personalized certificate.

This two hour visit will give you access to Guinness reserved for special guests. Afterwards you can spend some time browsing the store and head to the Gravity Bar for a pint or two. This is a must for any Guinness lover!


Perhaps you’ve watched pro golfers swinging their clubs on a course on the Emerald Isle and immediately began planning your trip to Ireland. Or maybe you’ve seen amazing images in the latest golf magazine as you’ve drooled over the pages. No matter what appeals to you about golfing in Ireland, the time to go is now! With hundreds of golf courses, you could easily spend a lifetime in the country and never play the same course twice.


Lough Erne Ireland Golf courseThe Irish know how to eat a hearty meal and you’ll never push away from the table less than completely satisfied. If you’re in Dublin, head to The Brazen Head, the oldest pub in the city. Here you’ll be treated to a traditional candlelit meal while you are regaled with stories of myth and legend of Ireland’s past. The meal and stories are timed wonderfully; neither intrudes upon the other. If you’re looking for a casual night out and wish to experience traditional Irish fair, this is where you want to be.


Spike Island, located just off of the southern tip of Cork, is rich in Irish history. From Viking raids, Norman conquerors and religious awakenings, this little island has seen it all. Visit the island, take a tour and learn about the Irish famine, British occupation and even the prisoners that once occupied the area. If you want a true sense of Ireland’s varied history, Spike Island is the place to visit.


Front door to The Brazen HeadYou don’t have to be interested in religion to find the cathedrals of Ireland to be things of beauty. A favorite cathedral is St. Mary’s in Limerick. The impeccably preserved land and building provide guests with a wonderful way to spend a few hours exploring and taking photographs. The cemetery on the grounds shouldn’t be missed and if you visit at lunch time, you may be treated with a concert. No worries if you aren’t heading to Limerick; you can find a glorious example of religious architecture no matter which area of the country you are visiting.

Ireland is a land of fairy tales and lore for many and included on many a bucket list. If you’ve decided to visit the country, do a bit of research on the web and put together an itinerary the whole family will enjoy. As soon as you step foot in Ireland, you’ll find that you never want to leave.

Tina Sanchez is a travel writer who also writes for the Aviva Directory, a website search advisor with lists of sites from business tools to marketing guidance. You can search by state, such as Wisconsin or by categories, like online revenue. Image on top by by camflan