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The Basics of Princess Cruises

If you’re cruising on Princess for the first time, chances are you have some questions about what the cruise line is like. Even if you’ve been on other cruises before, the atmosphere and events on board can vary greatly from one cruise line to another. Here is some of the basic information that you should be aware of before taking a Princess cruise:

* The ships vary greatly in the line 

If you’ve travelled on another cruise line, such as Norwegian or Carnival, you might have noticed that all of the ships in the fleets are very similar. Although they have some differences, the basic layout and features are the same. However, what you’ll find on Princess ships can vary greatly depending which one you are on. Some cater more to a family crowd, while others draw in the older travellers.

* Food options 

For many, the food is one of the highlights of a cruise. Princess now offers a feature that has become popular on certain ships, called “Anytime Dining.” This means that you can choose to eat whenever you want, instead of attending during a set dining hour. If you do prefer the traditional dining times, that is still an option as well. In addition, many Princess ships offer an alternative to the main dining room. There are often specialty restaurants on board, such as a steakhouse, a Chef’s Table, and places serving various international cuisines. These restaurants sometimes require an additional nominal fee.

* The opportunity to learn while you travel 

While some cruises only offer basic entertainment, Princess holds fascinating educational courses on board, known as ScholarShip@Sea and Computers@sea. You can learn about technology, photography, cooking, and much more.

* Tons of activities 

There are plenty of things to do while on board. During the day you could try your hand at answering trivia questions, relax and listen to a piano player in one of the bars, or get a relaxing massage at the spa. The casino is a popular way to pass the time, as is the pool and hot tub area. You can also spend some time visiting the on board shops with duty-free shopping or checking out an art auction. At night is when you’ll find some of the best activities and entertainment. Watch a movie under the stars, take in live shows featuring singers, dancers, and more, or hit up one of the popular night clubs until the wee hours of the morning.

* It’s one of the largest cruise lines with many options 

The third largest cruise line in the world, Princess has plenty of options for everyone. They visit over 330 ports of call, so if there is a place in the world you’d like to see, chances are Princess is the line to get you there.

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