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How to Find Cheap Train Tickets

2011 will be renowned for escalating prices, including the 20% VAT hike, petrol rises and rising utility bills. Train fares have also been hit by the price increase; however this guide takes you through many ways to find yourself a cheap fare to your destination.

If you feel exasperated by the cost of train travel you’re not alone. But with a little know-how it is possible to cut the cost of tickets whenever you travel.

Follow these steps to find out how you can save a bundle on rail fares and find cheap train tickets.

  1. Book in advance
  2. Grab a railcard
  3. Invest in a season ticket
  4. Split your tickets
  5. Check for carnets
  6. Book via Megatrain
  7. Search for special offers
  8. Travel in a group
  9. Get cashback

This guide takes you through a step by step guide to ensure you get the cheapest journey possible, saving as much money as possible.