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Is it Safe to Fly to Egypt

Tui has insisted it remains safe to visit Sharm el Sheikh and in Egypt and it will continue to fly customers there today (Tuesday, February 01, 2011) as well as taking more bookings. The operator’s communications director Christian Cull said the operator was bringing customers back from Aswan and avoiding Cairo and Luxor as the Foreign Office advised, but would continue taking people to Sharm by air and by cruise ship.

There has been some implied criticism in the UK press about holiday companies continuing to sell cheap deals to Egypt but operators point out that the region is geographically separated from the places where the protests have been concentrated.

“Sharm is safe and we are flying people there today and tomorrow and we are still selling it,” said Christian Cull Tui’s communications director at a Cimtig debate last night.

“I am confident the situation is safe in Sharm. We can’t be complacent because this is a fluid situation. If it was the wrong thing to do, we wouldn’t do it.”

Cull, who had to leave the event early to attend a government meeting about Egypt, said ministers were satisfied from information on the ground that Sharm was as safe.

“A cruise ship went to Sharm because it could not go into Cairo and our passengers on the ship do not want to fly home. They want to stay on the ship and go back to Sharm as scheduled,” he said.

Cull added that Tui had brought people home from Luxor and Aswan, but did not have anyone in Cairo, and it was estimated that about only 30 Britons were still in the city.

And here is our Web Roundup “Is it Safe to Fly to Egypt”:

This is really bad news for those passengers across Europe who have opted to fly a Star Alliance airline to the Far East or the Middle East – at reasonable fares. Unfortunately they are now having to pay the price… … Germany and UK has tens of thousands of tourists and long-term residents that they plan to not evacuate in an organized way. Flights continued to operate normally into other destinations in the country, such as Sharm El Sheikh, or Hurghada. … — Tue, 01 Feb 2011 02:46:27 -0800
However, TUI has said that it will be continuing to fly customers in and out of Red Sea resorts such as Sharm el-Sheikh as the unrest has not spread to the region. According to the operator, it currently has 950 customers in Luxor and … — Tue, 01 Feb 2011 02:00:11 -0800
Tour operators say they will fly home all their customers this week when their holidays end, or on extra flights, stressing there has not been any unrest in Red Sea resort cities like Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheik. … — Tue, 01 Feb 2011 01:49:44 -0800
Tour operators say they will fly home all their customers this week when their holidays end, or on extra flights, stressing there has not been any unrest in Red Sea resort cities like Hurghada or Sharm el—Sheik. … — Mon, 31 Jan 2011 21:32:40 -0800
BMI, however, said it hoped to fly today, although advised customers to check because of the ‘rapidly changing situation’. Time out: There may be a revolution going on but holidaymakers in Sharm el Sheikh seem oblivious. Featured Video … — Mon, 31 Jan 2011 17:18:13 -0800
Swedish tour operator Ving Group will likely begin flying home Swedes from Egyptian tourist resorts Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada on Monday, according to the company. Sweden issues Egypt travel warning (30 Jan 11); Sweden issues Cairo travel warning (29 Jan … “Today, we will fly 38 Swedes who travelled with Fritidsresor from Marsa Alam to Copenhagen,” he said. Another approximately 2300 tourists will return home this week, most on regular flights on Tuesday and Thursday. … — Mon, 31 Jan 2011 16:57:17 -0800
Tom Hall, transport editor fοr thе Lonely Planet guides, tοld Sky News most British tourists crop up tο bе stability thеіr holidays іn resorts such аѕ Sharm El Sheikh аѕ normal. Bυt tourists on vacation cities lіkе Cairo аnd Luxor аrе … — Mon, 31 Jan 2011 14:14:27 -0800
US to Fly All Americans Out of Egypt. February 1, 2011 pochp Leave a comment Go to comments. Map of Cyprus showing Nicosia district (bright… Image via Wikipedia. All who wants to go will be taken on chartered flight. … — Mon, 31 Jan 2011 23:54:04 -0800
The United States and Turkey on Sunday offered to evacuate citizens wanting to leave Egypt, where violent protests against the rule of President Hosni Mubarak. — Mon, 31 Jan 2011 22:36:35 -0800
The State Department is undertaking the evacuation of U.S. citizens from Egypt and the U.S. Embassy in Cyprus says it expects some flights to arrive today. — Mon, 31 Jan 2011 19:07:33 -0800
Meanwhile, the State Department says it has so far evacuated more than 1200 Americans from Egypt aboard government-chartered planes and expects to fly out roughly 1400 more in the coming days. Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said that … — Mon, 31 Jan 2011 18:58:01 -0800
Extra flights between London and Cairo will be operating on Tuesday to help fly home UK nationals caught up in chaos-stricken Egypt. Read more on this story at … — Mon, 31 Jan 2011 17:34:09 -0800

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