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Just Twelve Steps to a Boutique Holiday Experience

Sober Haven Bali is a new resort destination created and maintained for twelve-step program members, their friends or anyone else whom wishes for a drug and alcohol free vacation. Bali, an Indonesian island north of Australia, is a peaceful environment rich in culture, celebration, and spiritual depth.

In a land where theatrical exhibitions are closely linked with religious worship, it is no surprise that many vacationers find Bali a destination of spiritual rejuvenation. This tourist-friendly sanctuary offers “twelve steppers” and their friends the chance to engage in new adventures, new cultures, and new experiences in cuisine and island living.

Naturally, many twelve-step program members would appreciate a destination location where spiritual healing is a priority, and rich and luxuriant accommodations do not interfere with twelve-step recovery. One important philosophy in the twelve-step program is that positivity encourages growth and serenity. This is why Sober Haven Bali begins its website message encouragingly stating, “We absolutely insist on enjoying life….

Sober Haven Bali’s creators say that the inspiration behind their resort is a popular quote of recovering twelve-step members that reads, “Happy, joyous and free.” The resort’s management insists that sobriety is a happy state, and that true recovering members have a zest for life even greater than the average population.

It is certainly easy to have a zest for life when vacationing at a pampering and personalized vacation resort. Sober Haven Bali offers boutique vacation packaging including private island relaxation, modern accommodations with local furnishings, air conditioned bedrooms, swimming pools, first-class dining area, spa treatments and numerous on-site amenities. Some of the beauty of Bali is part of their Eat, Pray, Love Tour which was featured in the just released Julia Roberts film.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this high-concept resort is the carefully crafted “twelve-step atmosphere.” All resort activities are planned with the twelve-step member in mind. Furthermore, all staff employees are recovered twelve-step members as well. Not only can visitors look forward to meeting other twelve step members and remaining close to their program, but they can also seek guidance from others who have been in their situation. This resort rewards twelve-step members for their efforts and dispenses with unnecessary temptations, the likes of which most international travel sites would shamelessly push. The motto of this Bali resort is “Eat, Pray, Play”, since
the resort encourages growth through unique experiences Bali can offer.

Sober Haven Bali

Sober Haven Bali has welcomed recovering twelve-steppers from every profession and from all over the world. The Sober Haven Bali resort, located in Seminyak Village on the West Coast of Bali, encourages visitors to come see the beautiful scenery of Bali and to think of twelve-step recovery as rejuvenation and possibly a life changing experience.

The founder of Sober Haven Bali is himself a recovering twelve stepper since 1984. All tour guides, instructors and staff are likewise twelve-step members. In addition to sports and lush amenities, the resort also offers trips to local twelve step program sessions, group support and the opportunity to make long lasting new friendships.

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  • RonLeyba
    Posted November 4, 2010 at 11:56 pm

    I don’t know anything about the twelve-step programs. Good thing you mentioned it here. And I really like their advocacy; a drug and alcohol free vacation. I will surely supporting their cause.

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