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The Importance of Good Travel Advice

International travel is no longer reserved for the privileged few, with many families now traveling overseas several times a year.

In the past, air travel in particular was so expensive that only the most fortunate among us could really afford to hop on a plane and jet off to exotic locations.

Holidaying in Thailand or spending a weekend in New York would have been seen as a real luxury as little as a decade ago, but nowadays this kind of trip is positively commonplace.

Indeed, the rise of the low-cost airline and cheap deals on long-haul flights mean that our choice of holiday destinations has never been so vast, and the prices have never been more affordable.

However, with holiday locations becoming more and more diverse and with adventurous travelers constantly looking to push the boundaries, good travel advice is now more important than ever.

When the average British traveler’s budget restricted them to visiting neighboring European countries, the only real transport advice required was about passports, visas and perhaps a list of local dishes that were best avoided.

Our changing travel habits have led to a change in the type of travel advice we need. For example, a huge number of people now holiday in Dubai and other countries in the Middle East, but many go there unaware of strict local customs and traditions.

This has led to some holidaymakers getting into serious trouble for ‘accidentally’ breaking laws regarding alcohol consumption and behaviour in public. Unfortunately, local authorities do not buy the excuse of ignorance, so tourists need to ensure they know as much as possible about what is acceptable before they travel.

Fortunately, there are now hundreds of websites that offer excellent, free advice on every possible aspect of your holiday. While part of the joy of travel lies in exploring and making new discoveries, good travel advice ensures that your trip stays free of nasty surprises.

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  • RonLeyba
    Posted November 4, 2010 at 11:59 pm

    Thanks for this very good tips and travel advices. You are really right, now, having a tour to some tourist destinations is pretty low compare before. They are now more accessible to all people not only for rich ones.

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