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Life As A Ski Instructor In Whistler, Canada

If you enjoy skiing then what could be better than spending all day doing what you love and getting paid for it? In fact, you could make your passion your career. There are opportunities world wide for ski instructor jobs and snowboarder jobs where you can work on the slopes giving instructions to individuals and groups.

Many gap year students choose placements in Canada which is widely recognised as having the best winter sports facilities together with superior training schemes which are the envy of the world. The Canadian system makes it relatively easy to get into teaching skiing at a junior level with quite a steep training curve for higher levels of instruction. Level 2 is considered the gold standard in Canada. Newly qualified ski instructors are likely to begin their first job at Whistler working on the slopes with children who are away on family holidays.

If you like children and enjoy being in their company, then a job at Whistler Kids could be right up your street. The primary role of the job is to look after children of different ages whilst their parents ski. Consequently, you would be based on the nursery slopes giving basic ski lessons to children and enjoying a good rapport with them. The price of the placement also includes a Level 1 CSIA Ski Instructor Course which would be taken during the early part of the season. Once you have qualified, you would be able to take take the children onto the green runs of the mountains.

Life as a ski instructor for a gap year student is a great way of earning a good wage (around $10 per hour) whilst gaining some valuable experience. It’s also a chance to enjoy a lifestyle of skiing and partying, and with everyone having the same mentality, it’s easy to make friends. Both the job and the pay sound very appealing and most students are able to live comfortably, socialise and put a little money aside for when the placement comes to an end.

Most of the courses offer similar benefits which include:

  • A season ski pass worth around £800
  • Level 1 CSIA Ski Instructor Course
  • Good discounts on winter sports gear
  • 50% off restaurant food and 20% off drinks (excluding alcohol)
  • Regular meetings with the company
  • A Whistler representative to befriend you

If you’re interested in taking up a ski placement you do need to have reasonable skiing ability and you will need to act quickly as places get booked up far in advance. Oyster is just one company offering job vacancies which include 5-6 months skiing, return flights from London to Vancouver, a recognised qualification guaranteeing a ski job for the entire season, plus all the hassle and strain taken away from you.

Image by Tim in Sydney