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Must see attractions in Hong Kong

In a relatively small area, Hong Kong has a wealth of fascinating attractions, spectacular natural beauty and cultural heritage. Whether visitors stay in the city for a week or a weekend, there are some things they must not miss.

The Peak is the most popular attraction and is best visited in the late afternoon. Visitors get an overview of the city and surrounding Victoria Harbour and the skyscrapers of Kowloon and can watch the jewel-like lights gradually appear. Getting to The Peak is part of the adventure. The Peak Tram is pulled by steel cables 373 metres up the mountain. Going up or down, it is a fantastic trip. Once on The Peak, visitors enjoy even more in the Peak Tower Sky Terrace, the Peak Circle Walk and the Lions View Point Pavilion.

The Star Ferry trip around Victoria Harbour is another must see attraction. It offers stunning views of the harbour and surrounding areas, and the night tour give a front row seat for the Symphony of Lights show that is presented from the skyscrapers on the harbour front. Other ways to see the harbour day or night are a harbour cruise and in a traditional Chinese junk.

On Lantau Island there are several cultural sites including the Tian Tan Buddha. It is a giant, bronze statue of the seated Buddha. It is the largest seated Buddha in the world and serenely sits on the Ngong Ping plateau surrounded by majestic mountain scenery. The Po Lin Monastery is also on the plateau and has beautiful religious art and artefacts for visitors to see. For those inclined, they offer a vegetarian lunch.

Also on the island is the village of Ngong Ping which was created as a cultural experience. It offers shopping and dining and visitors can take taxis to the famous Tai O Village with its stilt houses. Lantau Island is also the home of Hong Kong Disneyland.

The Hong Kong Geopark is in the eastern and north eastern New Territories. There are two main regions, the sedimentary rock region and the volcanic rock region. It has been designated part of UNESCO’s Global Geoparks Network. In the sedimentary rock region there are rock formations that are spectacular to see and are about 400 million years old.

There are towering hexagonal columns on High Island that are over 100 metres high. South of High Island the Ung Kong Group Geo-area has volcanic rock columns that have been sculpted by wind and rain into arches, caves and other spectacular rock formations. This is best seen by boat on a calm day. There are no tours by land.

Mongkok in Kowloon is a very crowded market street that is busy day and night. At night, it is well lit with thousands of bright, colourful neon lights and is safe for visitors. It used to be the centre of Triad activity and still has illegal gambling clubs and other sleazy things, but tourists are not their target. It is the largest shopping district in Hong Kong and a place where locals go. It is excellent for cheap electronics and an experience not to be missed when in Hong Kong.

Ross blogs as a freelance writer on and loves visiting the city of Hong Kong. Image by eGuide Travel