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Online Travel Magazines

Electronically “Flipping” Through the Best Travel Magazines Online

Remember the good old days when you would venture to the local bookstore and check out all the cool travel magazines? A lot of those pictures in those magazines could prove to be really inspiring. What a shame the cover price on those travel magazines has increased so much. Then again, you really do not need to lament the rising costs. You can always look for the best online travel magazines.

And yes, these online magazines are exactly that – magazines. Such sites are not mere webpages with pictures and text. No, they are far more then that. That provides stimulating articles, travel guides, reviews, and even audio and video components. Better still, many of them are professionally edited and designed which adds to their great value. If you want to learn about what’s hot in the world of travel, you are advised to check out. It should be no surprise that one of the more popular print magazines would have a website based on it. The quality of this site definitely matches the value of the print version consider that a major endorsement for this website. Conde Naste has long since been one of the most successful publishing houses in the magazine industry. Among the many publications produced by this publishing house has been the very popular Conde Naste Traveler. The website version is equally excellent and will certainly provide excellent articles that are both entertaining and informative. They are also written in same excellent style that the magazines are known for. The name National Geographic is probably the most famous in travel magazine history. The magazine has been covering travel around the globe for well over 75 years. Now, it has entered the online world where it provides an equally impressive insight into the modern world. Those wishing to examine a sophisticated look into the realm of modern travel are certainly advised to see what this particular online magazine has to offer. As the name implies, this is a travel magazine specifically designed for women. For those women that wish to explore the globe, this website covers all five continents and can present tremendous insight on when, where, and how to plan a trip. Consider it a must bookmark site if you are an adventurous woman. Actually, men can gain a lot of value from reading this online magazine as well. So, consider it a site well worth visiting by anyone with an interest in travel. This is a secondary website publication from the Frommer group. It covers traveling on a small budget and for those that enjoy frugal vacations, this is an online magazine to explore. Why pay more than you have to when this magazine is available for free online to tell you how to save your funds?

Online travel magazines are true treasure troves of free advice. Looking towards them prior to booking your next vacation destination is advised. For those that want to get a good idea on where to travel to, perusing these sites is a must.


  • Natalie
    Posted November 4, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    Definetely look online at any of these sites before you go to a destination. A lot of these sites accept guest posts so you are getting a non biased opinion of a destination, where to go and what to do.

  • RonLeyba
    Posted November 6, 2010 at 2:02 am

    Online travel magazines, for me are more reliable and updated. Not to mention the user reviews that we can find from them. It gives travelers some insights on what a destination can offer based on other people experiences.

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