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Renting a car this summer?

Tips to save money

Want to explore Europe and enjoy up-close views of its countryside and villages? You might want to seriously think about travelling by car, because there’s no better way to tour Europe and savour its pristine beauty and idyllic village life. Renting a car is a good option, but don’t forget to buy Excess Waiver Insurance, because it helps you save a lot of money in case the rented car is stolen or damaged.

When you walk into a car hire counter to rent a car, you’re likely to be encouraged to purchase insurance excess policy that covers excess, which otherwise you would have to pay from your pocket, in case of a theft or accident. The excess charges on rented car can go up to $2,500, but the premium itself can run into a few hundred dollars (premium per day can be anything between $10 and $20, depending on the length of time you’ve rented the car).

How to get the same protection at a considerably lower price? offers you the same level of protection for as low as $0.16 a day (on an annual insurance coverage). This offer appears to be quite a bargain when you compare it with the insurance coverage provided by rental companies for which you might have to shell out a few hundred dollars.

The attendant at the car hire in Munich, from where I recently hired a car, urged me to buy excess waiver insurance. I was hiring the car for fourteen days and the extra cost worked to be about €200. Fortunately, I followed the car attendant’s advice only partly – I purchased the excess waiver insurance, but from instead of the rental service. However, it is easy to fall in this trap, especially when the attendant is persistently trying to sell you excess waiver insurance just as you are waiting for the car keys to be handed over to you. insurance covers areas of the car that are not normally covered at all, like wheels and tyres, roof, glass, and the underbody of the car.

Road accidents with rented cars is a risk you can’t ignore

Accidents with rented cars are fairly common, and it will be a mistake on your part to think that it can’t happen to you. Maybe unfamiliar roads or driving in an unfamiliar car is a big contributing factor. However, the important thing is to realize and accept the potential risk. Moreover, irrespective of the fact whether the damage is a minor or major one, you are going to have to pay all the excess charges, which, as said above, can run up to more than a couple of thousand of dollars!

Holidays are busy time on the road and the most common insurance claim according to database during these times is nose to tail collisions in sluggish traffic.

Therefore, it’s imperative to have things covered when you hire a car. However, it is equally important to ensure you don’t pay more insurance premium than necessary.