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Riding a Bike All Around the World

We read and enjoy travel stories with a motorcycle abroad. .And we admire some nice routes and a whole nice trip and adventures!

For us the young sophisticated travelers who want to travel but we do not have the experience of organizing such a trip, it would helpful enough, the experience of the oldest in this part.


So you think and set a goal: travel where you dream to go.

How do you think of this reasoning so that you get the flesh and bones of such a journey?

What do you care about before so you can build and complete with such a successful and more impatient journey that?

What should a motorcyclist want to travel for?

Do you pay more attention to organizing such a trip?

Which “details” should not escape us in order not to “squeeze” a trip to the unknown?

Therefore, I am one of those who will arrange everything before, a trip per day, accommodation, costs, etc.

So, first and basic to me is to have read travel stories from others to see pictures, routes, prices, and make a route according to what “I want” and what “I can” do.

Then, I start by mapping the route to google maps. where do I want to spend much time, what do I want to see, how many days will have passed till I load with many kilometers, the place I you want to stay one day more than the others, etc.

It is basic to get a map so you can pass the route there as well. I feel more secure and it helps enough to have a panoramic view of the route seeing the details of the map. Do not forget the law of the morph that is valid everywhere and can spoil your gps, mobile, charger, cable etc and thus the whole trip.

After the route goes out, you continue with Overnight stays that I look based at 4 things. First of all I like the room-price (I believe stay in 3-star hotel you find what you want), then private parking, wifi and breakfast. The rooms that you can cancel until the day before your staying there is an excellent choice

After that you should prepare all the other stuff such as your personal, some edible, water, equipment that has to do with the bike (boots gloves, trousers, jacket, helmet), clothing (both for hot weather and for colder situations), papers (passport, diploma, green card, license, etc. ), mobile chargers, and in general everything you think it’s necessary.

Then, there is the preparation of the motorcycle, service, tires, second keys, bags and loading of the machine oils so that we can drive comfortably.

As for the money part, you should keep in mind that almost everywhere (petrol-rooms-food) we can pay by debit or credit card by achieving the best possible rate as well as exchanging money from local bank branch in the local currency in the best rate.

You should know that most of the time you are dealing with foreign exchange rates that are not so close to a bank, however, it is good to make a small amount so that we have money in our local currency.

On the day before the first day of the trip, we have to know that we will not sleep easily, and we are going to face a lot of difficulties. But remembering the image of a local beach club Bali was promoting as one of the best in the island, will make us think of all the reasons that made us deciding of taking this trip. And this adventure is way beyond than anything we have been through till now.