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When in Rome: 3 Things to Look for in Your Next Rome Apartment

Rome is a city of ancient history, culture and romance and attracts people from all over the world. The majority of visitors prefer to make short trips ranging from a week to a fortnight. While there are a variety of accommodation options when in Rome, it is best to book an apartment for this duration of stay.

Advantages of a Rental Apartment over a Hotel

An apartment feels more like home, equipped with a kitchen to cook meals and a living room to entertain guests. It offers privacy, space, comfort, security and the freedom to do things at one’s own pace all at a much lower cost than a hotel. Most of the apartment homes are fitted with modern amenities while still maintaining traditional architectural elements and are tastefully furnished; you can get the real feel of life in Rome.

Hotels are common places to stay during a holiday; renting an apartment makes for a unique experience. Studio apartments will suffice for couples or single guests, while larger families can rent villas. A stay in a farmhouse would be ideal to take in the rural side of Rome. Keep in mind some places set a limit on the number of people that can stay in one apartment. If you find out everything about the accommodation in advance you will be able to enjoy a relaxed stay. Here are the 3 most important things to look for in your next Rome apartment.

Location of the Apartment

Most of the rental apartments are situated in the heart of the city, making it very easy to tour the surrounding area on foot. Visitors can enjoy the best sights of the city’s monuments and watch life go by from the apartment itself. Apartments around the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps and the Piazza Navona in particular are heavily booked during the tourist season. They are situated close to the public bus and train stations, as well as in the proximity of cafes, restaurants and local food markets. However, visitors opting for this means of accommodation should be prepared to bear with some noise and crowds.

The Apartment Building

Make sure that the complete street address of the apartment is advertised on the booking website and that it is located in a safe neighborhood. The office where you check-in/check-out should be close by; preferably in the same building. If the apartment is on a higher floor, check that the building is fitted with an elevator. This is particularly useful for carrying heavy luggage or if you will be making several trips up and down during the day. It is better that there is no ongoing construction work in the immediate vicinity. Disabled visitors will need to check that the building is equipped to handle wheelchairs. Check if pets are allowed and if there are any timing restrictions to exit and enter the building.

Within the Apartment

The utilities to look for in a short-term rental apartment are a refrigerator, microwave, cooking range, washing machine, television and air-conditioning or heating system all in working condition. The kitchen must be stocked with utensils and other basic appliances, while clean linen should be provided in the bedroom and bathroom. Find out about Internet access and its cost.

Everybody's gone @ the Spanish steps, Rome, Italy

Keep these pointers in mind while booking accommodation for your next Roman holiday. You are bound to enjoy the stay and will long to come back soon.

Neil Slye is a freelance travel writer with a penchant for European cities. He enjoys sharing his tips and insights on various travel related blogs. See a collection of Rome Apartments by Worldwide Accom.