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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Europe

From the alluring coffee shops in Amsterdam to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and beyond, Europe is a continent bubbling with attractions. Enjoy sunbathing at the many beautiful beaches, soak up the incredible architecture, and live it up at the many world-class festivals. Here’s a guide to places worth visiting in Europe.

Discover Berlin

One of Europe’s most affordable capital cities, Berlin is buzzing with music, art, and incredible food. Visit the city’s many memorials, museums, and landmarks to get to know more about its history before enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the many green spaces. A top spot to unwind includes Tiergarten, a former hunting ground for 17th-century aristocrats that are covered in trees.

Visit Amsterdam

This popular city is easy to navigate by bike, with many bicycle routes along the picturesque canals and beyond. Amsterdam boasts a rich music and art scene, but history is prominent here too. Visit the Anne Frank House and the FOAM photography museum, to name a few, before making your way to the many outdoor cafes and coffee shops as you explore the city’s cobblestone streets on foot or bike.

Soak up London

With many free museums, getting to know the history of London is a must. Make pit stops at the Tate, the Historical Museum, the British Museum and the National Gallery before enjoying the city from a bird’s eye view aboard the London Eye. Take in the legendary Big Ben and visit the River Thames for some Instagram-worthy selfies along the River Thames before a trip to Buckingham Palace. London is also famous for its incredible pub culture!

Get to know Prague

One of the most impressive sights to behold, Prague is both beautiful and rich in culture. Highlights from Prague include one of the world’s oldest standing bridges, the Charles Bridge, the Jewish Quarter, the old square showcasing Prague’s astronomical clock, and Prague Castle. If you want to get out and soak up the city with the locals, spend weekends at the many bars having refreshing beverages and visit the restaurants for a taste of the city’s mouth-watering cuisine.

Trek to Budapest

With friendly locals and intriguing ruins worth exploring, Budapest (pronounced Bu-da-pesht) is a must-visit location in Europe. One of the city’s most unique attractions is its many ruined bars, where local watering holes are housed in abandoned buildings. Budapest is also well-known for its thermal baths, the Buda Castle, Central Market Hall, and St. Stephen’s Basilica. While here, visit the memorial site along the Danube Bank, where many shoes are left behind to honor the city’s darker history. Learn more about Shoes Along the Danube Bank here.

Top tip: get travel insurance

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Start exploring Europe with our travel guide today!