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The Best European Nude Beaches to Visit

Europe is known for many great destinations and resorts. And, of course, the glory of the Atlantic Ocean is also home to a wide array of amazing beaches….some of which are clothing optional. Yes, you have the opportunity to explore the nude beaches of Europe if that is your wish. But, which of these beaches can be considered the top destinations to explore? For those that need an answer to this question, here is a look at the best European nude beaches….

Santa Maria Beach, Tuscany: Italy remains one of the most popular destinations in all of Europe for a great many reasons. The mere fact that Italy is a peninsula surrounded by amazing blue waters adds to its brilliant appeal. For those that wish to explore nude beaches in the country, it might prove advisable to explore Santa Maria Beach. While there are scores of nude beaches in Italy, this particular destination repeatedly receives high marks as being the best of the rest.

Leucate Plage, France: From an aerial view, the bright golden sand of these beaches are quite the site. And, of course, the blue waters also add to the great ambiance of the beach. For those that wish to see the best European nude beaches, Leucate Plage would definitely rank very high on any serious list. It is among the absolute best naturist beaches in all of France if not all of Europe. Consider that a major reason why a visit to this beach is a must for fans of the lifestyle.

Marmara, Crete, Greek Isles: Greece has a rather strange take on nude beaches. They are commonly isolated – so to speak – on the isle of Crete. That is fine because Crete remains a incredibly culturally rich part of a very ancient country. Those that have an affinity for nude beaches will assuredly enjoy their visits to Crete. Actually, those that have a great love for ancient history will also find this island an amazing locale to visit.

Tahiti Beach in Saint Tropez, France: Yes, we return to France once again to explore a unique and wonderful destination that could be considered one of the best European nude beaches for a very novel reason. Specifically, this particular beach draws in a larger number of wealthy elites and popular celebrities. And, of course, the locality is quite beautiful which adds to its amazing appeal. Tahiti Beach can be considered an unforgettable destination for many reasons. Its fame and ambiance can be considered two of the most important factors. And no, you need not assume because this particular beach draws in a large number of wealthy people that ONLY wealthy people can visit here. It is much more reasonable to visit – price wise – than most would initially assume.

Of course, there are a great many other destinations that could easily be added to the best European nude beaches. Considering the volume of destinations, it is no surprise that so many consider Europe the prime locale for the best in the naturist beach going experience.


  • RonLeyba
    Posted October 13, 2010 at 2:05 am

    I love this beaches! I love the white sand and the clear blue water. Too bad though because there is no nude beaches around here at our area. =)

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    Posted January 27, 2011 at 8:25 am

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