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Three Luxury Trains that Travel Across India

To see India by train is perhaps one of the most genuine ways of engaging with this fascinating country, rich in country and prone to extremes. It’s most likely you’d be hard-pressed to find a better travel experience than the several luxury trains that take their time in reaching every landmark on the map of India. While the beauty of the natural landscape unfurls outside, the insides of the vehicles and each of their carriages are gilded, spectacular, covered in velvet and fitted with all the comforts and amenities you need. Explore three of the most rich trains in India below and imagine exploring the country itself in this manner—it’s a dream worth having, and definitely one worth fulfilling one day.

The Palace on Wheels
This state-of-the-art train was modeled after the great palaces of the maharajahs of yore in terms of design. Its itinerary was devised as such, that it travels by night, allowing you, the traveler, to take full advantage of each landmark reached during the day. Whether you enjoy shopping, historic sightseeing or long walks among the beauties of nature, the Palace on Wheels will put them all at your disposal: palaces, forts, havelis, wildlife sanctuaries and numerous other tourist objectives in India. The train is only in circulation from April until September, as the rest of the year is relegated to its maintenance—such an exquisite piece of technology requires downtime to stay in top form. In terms of amenities, the train features fourteen cabins, all with air conditioning and four attached cabins that fulfill bathroom functions. Inside each salon, there is an intercom system, music and games to keep children entertained. There are two restaurant cars with on-site kitchens (the Maharaja and the Maharani), and the destinations covered are Delhi, Jaipur, Jaislamer and Jodhpur, among others.

Deccan Odyssey
The Deccan Odyssey is the latest addition to the luxury train set in India, and has been dubbed the “Palace on Wheels” of the Maharashtra region. It takes you across Maharashtra and Goa, with stops in the legend realm of Marathas, by the architectural beauty of Ajanta and Ellora, tranquil beaches, splendid forts and palaces, the lively cities of Mumbai and Pune, Bhatye Beach, Jaigadh and many other destinations. It features no less than thirteen air-conditioned salons, eleven of which have four twin-bed rooms, plus two presidential suite cars. Nothing is amiss in terms of comfort on board this train: wall to wall carpeting, music, an intercom system and CD/mp3 players. There are two restaurants with a lavish décor, in which you can just expect to see maharajahs of yore walking in, donning Churidar suits, with beautiful women in saris in their presence. It is a memorable experience, which beautifully combines historic luxury with modern comfort.

The Royal Rajahstan on Wheels
There is no better way to experience the land of legend of Rajahstan besides the Royal Rajahstan on wheels, with its twenty-two coaches, thirteen of which are deluxe salons, two are restaurants, one is a super deluxe salon, one is a kitchen and one a splendidly appointed spa. This train is a world unto itself, with a bar, a lounge, plus a souvenir and gift shop. Some of the cultural highlights you will experience on this trip are the sights and sounds of Jaipur, and include the traditional community dance of Ghoomar, shehnai recitals and elephants. Stand in awe as the dancers climb on board in their colorful costumes and delight both your eyes and ears. The Royal Rajahstan on Wheels was inaugurated on January 11, 2009, and has been delighting passengers ever since.

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