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Should I Take A Year Out?

Are you stuck in a rut? Fed up with your career and finding it difficult to see where your path is leading you? It could be the perfect time for you to take a year out.

No longer is a gap year an endeavour only open to a select few. These days, people are far more likely to look at a year out as a positive thing no matter what your age or circumstances and there’s a growing consensus that a gap year proves a certain level of dedication and determination.

What age do I have to be?

It used to be a that a gap year or a year out was only ever associated with school leavers – it was what young people did between leaving school and getting a job or going to college – this isn’t the case anymore. A year out has become a natural career choice for people who are looking for a new direction or a break from the grindstone even when they have been working in one field for a long time.

What are my limitations?

If you decide to take a year out of your normal working life, don’t let yourself feel limited by conventions. This is your opportunity to experience a different kind of life, so ensure you make the very most of it.

Set off to teach English in India, spend a year backpacking across America or enjoy visiting all of the museums of Europe – your only limit should be your imagination.

Once you get into Europe it’s quite cheap to get around and the experiences are so vast and varied. Finding cheap flights to Venice could see you living up the Italian lifestyle while another role of the dice and flights to Cyprus could see you living a lifestyle that combines both European and Middle Eastern living.

What can a year out do for me?

There comes a point in many careers where you find yourself feeling trapped, especially if you work in a particularly specialist field.

Whether you’re looking to change careers entirely or you simply need to do something to revitalize your attitude to work, a year out is a great way to do it. There’s nothing like experimenting for helping you find out what you truly want to be doing.

What can a year out do for my CV?

Making a break from your current position and embarking on a year out – whether it’s travelling the world, working abroad or learning a new skill – demonstrates to employers your willingness to adapt, as well as your ability to achieve your goals.

Be sure you emphasise your reasons for choosing to take a year out on your CV and be prepared to tell future potential employers exactly how you think your time out has benefited you.

What can I do to benefit others?

If you’d like to take a year out but you’re interested not what it can do for you, but what you might be able to do for others, you’ll find there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer both abroad and at home.

Whether you choose a package eco-holiday or you decide to book your own flights and accommodation and simply volunteer in your chosen destination, you’re sure to find a rewarding experience waiting for you. Research widely though, to make sure you choose a reputable volunteer position – OneWord365 is a good resource for finding genuine opportunities to do good.

Image by dearoot