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Top 5 Luxury Honeymoon Holiday Destinations in the World


There are only a few places in the world that deserve to be called paradise and the Seychelles is one of them. Seychelles holidays lead you to an oasis in which the lives of fauna and flora remain entirely unscathed. Couples can discover an abundance of turtles and rare birds during honeymoons and holidays to the Seychelles.

Whilst there, couples can make a trip to the neighbouring island Cousin Iceland. Seychelles holidays would not be complete without renting out one of the cabins on this magnificent atoll. Together with your loved one, you can bond with nature and encounter things that you have never seen before.


Bali is a destination where dreams come true in terms of romance, recreation and relaxation. A Bali honeymoon has so much to offer, with luxurious hotels and stunning beaches. Thousands of couples visit Bali every year and enjoy relaxing activities such as massages, spas and Asian wellness therapies which a growing number of hotels provide.

Bali is also famous for surfing; here you can enjoy riding the waves or visit a surf school and take lessons from professional surfing teachers. The island of Bali is still the undisputed dream destination for tourists. Paradisiacal green and fertile valleys on one side and the wide sandy beaches on the other, promise a pleasant mix of scenery and activities during Bali holidays.


Maldives holidays are ideal for honeymooners, and the warm crystal-clear waters and lagoons attract many couples every year. Despite the seclusion, you do not need to give up any comfort during your Maldives honeymoon. Many luxury hotels provide excellent amenities, such as complete wellness programs, large spa areas and water sport facilities. As a romantic destination, the islands offer a marvellous setting for unforgettable Maldives holidays almost all year round.


Mauritius is not only the dream destination for honeymooners, but its charm has also turned the island into a popular location for holidaymakers. The island is an earthly paradise with its pristine and pure state and, thus, provides an ideal environment to bring body and soul into balance.

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Avid golfers do not have to sacrifice their passion for golfing while on a Mauritius honeymoon. You can play as much as your heart desires on the 4 miles long championship golf course on Deer Island. It is located in the centre of a spectacular coral reef and is easy to reach by boat. This truly is the highlight of any Mauritius holiday, for the area features a beautifully picturesque setting. You can also enjoy relaxing near the deep blue sea, crisp sand beach and in front of the backdrop of an extinct volcano.