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Top Ten Australian Road Trips

Campervan Hire? Sorted. Travelling companions? Present. Road maps? Purchased. You’re nearly ready to embark on a great Australian road trip. But which one? As you’ll see, the list of choices seems endless….like a long, long Outback highway.

Melbourne to Adelaide 

Any road trip that includes the Great Ocean Road is going to be just that. Great. The Great Ocean Road in south-west Victoria is 240 kilometres of coastal driving at its best, with the 12 Apostles symbolic of the stunning sights that await.  As you near Adelaide, you can enjoy a taste of South Australia wine country.

The Great Tropical Drive  

Little Wallaby
Little Wallaby

If you like your travel hot and humid, the Great Tropical Drive is for you. Arrange your car hire in far North Queensland and head south some 2000 kilometres, the Great Tropical Drive takes you from coral reef to rain forest, Cairns to Charters Towers. Don’t forget the Great Barrier Reef and tropical islands. With so much ‘great-ness’ and so many distractions and destinations to explore, you’ll struggle to stick to schedule. Best to find a campervan hire company that doesn’t charge too much for excess kilometres!

Pacific Coast Touring Route  

From Brisbane to Sydney, and all points in between. The Gold Coast, just south of Brisbane is well known for beaches, night life, theme parks and sunshine, while the Hunter Valley near Sydney is just as famous for its wine. You can fly from Brisbane to Sydney in just over an hour, but driving between the two capital cities in a campervan is far more fun.

Tasmanian Food and Wine Trail 

Let’s not forget Australia’s island state. Any food or wine lover who drives this 600 kilometre trail will remember it fondly. From Hobart to the Tamar Valley, you’ll taste some of the freshest food in the world, along with outstanding wines. This road trip is gourmet all the way.

Red Centre Way 

Sunset over Watarrka
Sunset over Watarrka

This is as close to the heart of Australia as you can get. 1100 kilometres of red earth, weird landscapes and deserted roads. Your campervan hire company will ask you to be doubly prepared for this road trip as you are going Outback big time. But to many, that is what Australia is all about.

Sydney To Melbourne 

Not long after hitting the road, you’ll want to hit the beach. The coastal drive between these two great cities features so many golden, alluring beaches that you’ll find it hard to drive past one without wanting to dip a toe in the water. Your reward for staying on the road is arriving in a beautiful, exciting city, no matter which way you travel.

Perth To The Southwest 

Western Australia is a massive state, and this 1200 kilometre road trip will only take you through a fraction of it. But what an incredible 1200 kilometres they are! From lovely Perth, along stunning coastlines, past lush forests and into the heart of wine country… so you can stock up the campervan along the way.

The Savannah Way

This is one of the BIG Australian road trips. Many roads and highways connect to take you from Cairns in Far North Queensland to Broome in Western Australia, some 3,500 kilometres in total. You’ll go from one tropical destination to another, a lot of it on unsealed roads. Bring spare tyres and a sense of adventure.

Nature’s Way  

Campervan hire is the only way to go up here. While this northern road trip from Darwin through Kakadu and Katherine does offer traditional accommodation options, you can’t beat waking up in the heart of nature. The wildlife in this neck of the woods is unique, with crocodiles the star of the show. Not that you want your celebrity encounter to be too up close and personal. The bushwalks and birdlife are also unforgettable.

Right Around Australia 

Why not? If you have the time and inclination, you can do the whole lot!   A good campervan hire company will ensure you have the right vehicle for your mammoth journey. Highway 1 will take you around the continental loop – and at 14, 500 kilometres it is some loop. Add in a few side trips here and there, and you’re looking at a road trip that would go straight to number one on any Top Ten road trip list in the world!

Image by morgan.goodwin