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Travel Like a Local

Traveling is one of the most fulfilling experiences for us humans. We just love to explore new places, go where no one we know have been. It’s this explorer attitude that we can thank for getting the likes of Neil Armstrong to walk on the moon. Some people are rather clueless about traveling does going on holiday, abroad, really count?

The majority of us are simply casual travelers. We go on the odd holiday every year to what could be classed as popular destinations (e.g France, Portugal, America etc.). This isn’t exactly exploring. The exciting thing about travel is that once your in a new location, the adventure doesn’t end. You are a true explorer if you love to wonder, love to find new places, and don’t settle for the generic tourist attractions.

How do you become a better explorer on your travels? Simple…

Spend money like a local:

Holidays are expensive (although less so if you use Tours4Fun coupon codes )

mainly because people like to go out to restaurants on extremely frequent occasions. That’s fine, you’re on holiday so enjoy it, but the problem is these restaurants are targeting tourists and thus charge a lot more. Rome is a brilliant example of this scenario. You can either pay extortionate amounts at highstreet tourist restaurants, or you can do a bit of digging, and go where the locals go. In this example it’s usually small family run restaurants with exceptional food quality.

Go out, and just walk:

Discovery is the single greatest thing that our species are capable of. So whilst your in this new location, take advantage of it. Every stone is waiting to be overturned. The best tips for exploring are to just find a starting point (somewhere near where you’re staying) pick a direction, and just walk. You don’t need to be restricted by maps or directions, you’re fre to just go where you like, go where you’ve never ben before. How exciting is that? Obviously remember that you need to stay safe, just as you do in any other surroundings, so don’t do anything stupid.

The main thing to remember about travel is to have fun and enjoy it. You shouldn’t worry if you’re not the kind of person interested in traveling to locations such as Peru, China etc. because everyone is different. You can still experience amazing travel by going to places closer to home. In fact, look out your window right now, there’s a world on your doorstep still waiting to be explored.

Image by jonrawlinson