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Travelling to Majorca: A Gothic Paradise

Palma Majorca is home to some of the most beautiful gothic buildings in the world. The city is also known for its thriving nightlife, and the area is becoming more popular with UK travellers. Palma de Majorca or Palma, as it is referred to in Spain, is a melting pot of culture, art and entertainment. It is a favourite among tourists that enjoy the long leisurely weekends. Click here for some Top Palma de Majorca deals and see what great rates on flights you can get.

Top Attractions  
The city of Palma is centred on La Seu or Santa Maria de la Palma. This Catholic cathedral marks the city skyline and reaches a height of more than 43 metres. The building is host to priceless golden artifacts from Majorca history and it is the resting place of King James II. However, the 14th century Bellver Castle is also a favourite among holiday travellers for its history and its circular architecture. Another centre attraction is Cala Mayor. Before tourists can reach the beach at Cala Mayor, they have to pass through the holiday home of the King of Spain, Marivent Palace. Tourists can then enjoy golf courses, restaurants, and watersports near the beach.

How to Get to Majorca and When to Go 
Travelling to Majorca from the UK is fairly simple. Most tourists will arrive to Palma Majorca from the Palma City Airport (PMI) or Palma de Mallorca Airport in less than three hours. Travellers will need to book their holiday well in advance, especially during peak periods. Most travel packages are centred on a holiday resort stay. Therefore, advanced planning is needed to book a car hire, if an airport taxi is not desired. However, many tourists opt to save money by travelling via tour bus. If you don’t mind the crowd, then travelling to the city during June through September is the best time to go. Yet, March through May is the best time to go for a more tranquil and less-crowded holiday experience.

354/365: Solsticio de invierno

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Before You Go  
Although a Visa is not required, you will need a valid passport to travel to Majorca from the UK. You will also need to show your passport at banks or at your resort for money exchanges into Euros. Bank hours in the city are from 9am until 2pm. Bear in mind that Spanish is the centre language spoken in Majorca, but English is spoken at restaurants, cafes and holiday resorts.