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Unique Locations to Visit in the USA

It seems that every part of the United States has an unusual local area that encourages visitors from all over the United States. From the Eastern shores to the deep south all the way to the sunshine filled West coast and everywhere in between, there is something to be found that can amaze and delight every traveler. If you want to visit a location that you will be telling friends about for weeks, try one that is more than just the normal beach vacation spot.

New England 

In Salem Massachusetts, home of the Salem witch trials of 1692, is the newest addition to the witch-y atmosphere, the World of Witches. Salem is well-known for the witch trials that took place in the 1600s, and the area boasts tons of witch attractions including a dungeon and witch trial reenactments. The World of Witches is the only attraction in the city that is run entirely by witches. Management and staff all claim to be witches, and they do not consider themselves part of the Salem witch ‘drama’. They explain modern witch culture and try to answer serious questions by those curious about becoming a witch.

While in New England, Laconia, New Hampshire has the American Classic Arcade Museum. Named by Guinness as the largest arcade in the world, the museum has over 250 working video game machines. The museum is a trip back in time to the 80s and even has music popular in the decade pumping through the sound system. The pinball machines date back to that time along with a few other favorites like Frogger and Pac-man video games.


NevadaLoneliest Road


While Nevada may not seem like an unusual place to visit since most people want to go to Las Vegas to spend some time in the big casinos, Nevada is also home to many other attractions and a few unusual places to visit. In Las Vegas, the Mob Museum is an attraction that most people should visit at least once. The museum opened its doors on February 14, 2012 on the anniversary of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. There are memorabilia on loan from mob families and a display of characteristics of criminals. The Mob Museum tries to balance the exhibits equally between crime and the criminals with law enforcement. There are interactive displays that visitors can enjoy like the “How Did It Come to This?” glass case where five visitors line up to have their picture taken in a police line-up. There are displays to exhibit law enforcement statistics and there is a replica of the electric chair used in Sing Sing prison.


Kentucky has some beautiful natural areas to visit as well as a few wackier places. The wacky places will have you whipping out your camera to snap photos since you know your friends won’t believe the places exist. The Natural Bridge in Slade Kentucky is of the first variety. The Natural Bridge State Resort Park has a natural bridge that can be crossed. To get to the bridge, you hike up beautiful trails, and you can walk across the bridge as well as underneath to get the beautiful and unique views in both directions. The park has pedal boats, camping and a lodge with a pool. Not many natural bridges are structurally sound enough to encourage tourists to traverse, but this one does.

In Calvert City, Kentucky, the Hillbilly Garden is a blend of the ironic and the wacky. The owner, Keith Holt did not plan on the Hillbilly Garden as it is today. He wanted a miniature railroad with riding cars that would take visitors through the area to see elaborate structures and statues from old amusement parks. It didn’t turn out that way because his neighbors didn’t like his plan and brought him to court to stop his idea. His original dream changed, but now, he found it fun trying to create new art from cast off recycled items. Undaunted, he set out to create an eclectic and unique place full of humorous and wacky art pieces. The tour takes visitors through areas of pun-filled displays like the one of Elvis surrounded by a nativity scene that says “The King is Born.” His original plan for a toyland wasn’t entirely dead. The end of the tour brings the visitor to an area filled with thousands of toys.

Bio: Evie Johnson writes for Assisted Living Today, a trusted source of information on senior care, including a comprehensive directory of both assisted living and alternative care type facilities all over the US.