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Visiting Georgia – Must See Destinations

Georgia is known for a great number of things. It has all of the Southern charm that anyone can handle. It has great food. It is home to the Coca Cola company. The climate is perfect for visiting at virtually any time of the year. Add to this the range of fun activities and numerous historical spots and you have one of the best options for visiting. However, visits to Georgia may not be specific enough for everyone. Should you book a Chamblee hotel or should you head over to the other side of the state? There is plenty to do here no matter where you stay and no matter who you bring along for the ride.

You may want to consider booking one of the hotels in Macon, GA, for example. The city is known for its beauty. That’s why so many come here for a romantic getaway weekend. Enjoy a romantic dinner and visit some of the area parks. If you do bring the kids, the Georgia Children’s Museum is one of the best. On the other hand, you may want to check out the Oakview Golf and Country Club during your visit if you are an avid golf lover.

There is plenty more to do in the state, though. You may want to check into one of the hotels by Albany State University if you are visiting family and friends there. If you are in town to tour the facility because you plan to attend, stay for a few days to check out the city. The Flint River is a great location to visit while here. You can also visit the Chehaw Wild Animal Park while you are in town. Enjoy the shopping and the numerous restaurants in the city as well. There is something here that will wow every visitor.

Georgia in general is a fun place to visit for its historical value and its unique cultural aspects. It is a good place to bring the family especially if you want to enjoy the outdoors. Go horseback riding or canoeing. You may even want to plan a camping trip for a few days. Have some fun while you see Georgia.

Image by Sue Waters