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What to look for in a hotel

Maybe it shouldn’t, but everyone knows that where you stay on holiday has a huge impact on how much you enjoy your trip. This means that when choosing hotels it is important to get it right so that everyone in the party has a great time.

Of course everybody is different and what we look for in a hotel changes at various points during our lives as we acquire a partner and even a family. So here are a few things to think about when booking accommodation depending on your needs.

For when you are on a budget

Being on a budget does not mean that you should simply go for the cheapest option irrelevant of whether it is truly suitable. Savvy travellers weigh up the standard of a hotel and its services against the price being charged.

Sometimes shelling out just a few pounds more can be the difference between a wonderful trip and one that had the shine taken off it due to the rundown accommodation. On the other hand, only fork out the extra if it will be worth it. If you do not have a bidet at home then do you really need one on holiday?

Also see if the hotel you choose will cut you a deal because you are travelling out of season or staying for a longer period of time, as it is always worth asking. In order to prevent holiday stresses about money ensure that there are no hidden charges which will spoil your stay either.

If you are in a couple

Travelling together can be great, but make sure that all your needs are catered for in terms of privacy as well as facilities. You may love children but booking a room in a hotel that mainly caters for families can really put a dampner on any romantic trysts.

It may sound trivial but find out how big the bed is. If it is smaller than the one you usually share at home then it may hamper your sleep being so close together without the room to spread out. And sleepy people are also grumpy, which is not ideal for a romantic getaway.

An en suit bathroom with spacious bath will give you both the privacy to relax in each other’s company that you don’t necessarily have at home. Also conducive to couple’s holidays is a min bar and good room service facilities.

For those travelling with families

When travelling with small children it can become all about their needs and the best way to ensure that you get time to relax is to make sure they are catered for. Choosing a hotel with a kids’ club means they can be entertained while the adults enjoy some time to themselves.

This means it is key that there are grown-up areas too, so finding the balance between the two is vitally important. And remember that if children are very young then children’s activities will not be needed as they will be just as happy sleeping and sitting on mummy’s knee.

Sweet Dreams – Dulces Sueños, Room – Habitación de Hotel, Salamanca, HDR

If this is the case also check whether the hotel charges for babies as their stay is often free, helping families to cut down the price of their trip, thus keeping everyone happy. Small children under a certain age can often eat for free at hotel restaurants too.

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