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9 things to know before traveling to Vietnam

One of the most famous destinations and tourist spots in South East Asia is Vietnam. This beautiful country has a number of things to explore. From quaint spots to adventurous jungles, from the traditional markets to beautiful historic architecture – this place has it all. Vietnam tours are organized by a number of travel companies. But before you plan to visit the country, there are a few things that you must keep in mind.

Following are the 9 things to know before traveling to Vietnam:

  1. Take your visa seriously:

A number of tourists happen to turn away at the airport in terms of visa information or failure as to print their visa-on-arrival pre-arrival paper. Thus, you must always make sure to take your visa as well as all your visa formalities seriously.

  1. Buy your train tickets directly from the train station, and not from your agent or hotel:

In all the Vietnam tours, your agents or hotel management would convince you to buy the train tickets from them. However, you must not rely on these services and should buy these tickets directly from the train station.

  1. Traffic accidents are the supreme cause of tourist death here:

According to a number of surveys and studies, traffic accidents are considered to be the top most cause of the death of the tourists in Vietnam. A number of tourists have lost their lives in the traffic accidents because of the ill traffic maintained in the country. Thus, it is better to always be careful while traveling on the roads here.

  1. Locals are friendly, hospitable and sweet:

One of the best things about traveling in this country is that the people or the locals of Vietnam are very friendly and sweet. The hospitality of the locals here is remarkable which is why this country is mostly looked after by a number of tourists.

  1. You must keep your belongings safe during overnight travels:

Overnight travels in the buses and trains in Vietnam could be a little risky as there exist a number of chances of theft and robbery. There have been numerous cases where the belongings of the people have been robbed and theft. Thus, you must always be careful while traveling overnight in these public transportations.

  1. Roof top bars:

There is something about the roof top bars located in Vietnam. In fact, Vietnam is the only country to have the most number of roof top bars. All these bars are well-furnished, well-decorated as well as well-maintained. Thus, while you are on your trip to Vietnam, a visit to these roof top bars is a must. Try the Sheraton at happy hour in NhaTrang or the DucVuong Hotel in Saigon. You are surely going to love and enjoy the beautiful vibes of these places.

  1. Try the alleys for the best value hotels:

You must take out a few minutes to explore on the foot. If you are looking forward to stay in a cheaper accommodation, you must choose the smaller alleys or backstreets. The alleys and backstreets in Vietnam are cleaner, cheaper and friendlier. You will be able to save a lot.

  1. The beaches might disappoint you:

If you have already vacationed in Thailand or the Philippines, you are going to find the beaches of this country a little bit underwhelming. The beaches of this country will not impress you much if compared to some other attractions that this country embraces.

  1. It is not important to book hotels or hostels online:

Booking hotels or hostels online in this country is not going to help you to save your money. Thus, if you are solely relying upon the online bookings to save your money, you must dump the idea right away. You are always at the option of bargaining a hotel room or a hostel in person.

Now that you know everything, pack your bags and set off to Vietnam now.