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Advantages of Self-Catering Breaks

Family holidays can be expensive undertakings, but there are many ways to save money on trips away – whether you’re staying in the UK or heading overseas. One effective way of cutting unnecessary costs is to choose self-catering accommodation, such as cottages and villas, which can be much cheaper than relying on restaurants.

Many people choose self-catering holidays within the British Isles, for the added convenience of being able to drive to their destinations, thereby avoiding the hassle of international flights. Buying or renting a caravan can offer the ultimate convenience, as you won’t even have to arrange accommodation for your holiday, but you should make sure you learn the locations of caravan parks to avoid accidentally breaking the law by parking in restricted areas.

Self-catering cottages, chalets and villas can offer the ultimate experience of a home away from home, where you won’t have to lose touch with domestic comforts such as cooked meals. This can make it easier to settle in and enjoy holidays without having to worry about locating restaurants or looking after your spending money, and the savings can very quickly add up.

You can usually find self-catered accommodation in or near to popular tourist spots, whether you’re heading on a city break and wish to stay in the heart of London, Cardiff, Belfast and other destinations, or you’re eager to experience the great British countryside with cottages in idyllic locations. Many self-catering cottages are converted from heritage buildings, which can be ideal for romantic breaks or luxury holidays, and there are also many options to choose from in coastal areas close to beaches, for traditional seaside breaks.

Whatever your holiday budget, it shouldn’t be a challenge to find affordable self-catering accommodation in your preferred destinations, even if it means staying a little further from the tourist hotspots. Another way to save money on self-catering accommodation is to look for deals on last minute cottages, which can sometimes offer substantial discounts for popular properties in desirable locations.

Choosing a self-catering holiday doesn’t have to mean settling for a budget break, of course. Many self-catered cottages feature all the amenities luxury travellers are accustomed to in hotels, including swimming pools. You can even find cottages equipped with grand pianos and authentic artworks to add even greater elegance to your holiday, as well as large windows offering stunning views over the countryside. With self-catering holidays, you can enjoy your break in peace and quiet, without having to rely on hotel and service staff.

Clint Starr writes for a digital marketing agency. This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency. This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content. Image by  Gites Castelnaut