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An Insider’s Guide To Hiring A Limo Driver

Limousine is an elegant method of transport people usually choose for their prom night or a wedding day. However, it’s not uncommon for managers and CEOs to use one of these as a ride from the airport for their major business clients. What’s convenient about limos is that you don’t have to watch the road and communicate with the passengers at the same time, or think about the parking.

Additionally, they add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any occasion or person. Just remember the elusive Mr. Big and his sleek, black limo from “The Sex and the City”. Here are some steps you need to go through to find your niche limo service.

Timely Planning and Selection of Perfect Vehicle

You should book your limo a long time in advance if you have all the information about the date. High season around prom is particularly busy, so you may end up without a dream ride if you don’t make timely reservations. Wedding experts even advise that the newlyweds-to-be should reserve a desired model six months prior to their big day.

Next, you should browse the offer and decide what type of limo suits your specific needs. You can pick a standard limo, or charter a vehicle with additional amenities, such as Wi-Fi and HD screens. The number of seats ranges from 5 to 14, so it’s recommended to take the number of passengers into consideration when selecting a limo model.

Insurance and Records

You can never be too safe, especially if you’re hiring a car for your teenage kid or your closest business partners. Bear in mind that all limo providers must carry insurance, so don’t forget to get all information concerning its coverage. Apart from that, you should ask how they screen their chauffeurs and whether they had any accidents so far.


You should take time to select the company with the best quality/price ratio, and check the customer reviews of the shortlisted candidates. When it comes to different packages, you can choose anything from a single trip deal to comprehensive prom or wedding packages.

In a recent chat with the guys behind SUV Chicago Limo I learned that it’s vital you ask about the extra charges beyond the charted hours. Most reputable companies won’t charge for a little extension.

Contract and Deposit

It doesn’t only suffice to book a desired date on the phone or over email, but you need to sign the actual contract as well. Insist on a full, detailed contract that entails all the aspects of a trip and available services. This may include pick-up/drop-off time, itinerary outline, details about your vehicle, the expected number of passengers and other fees.

Most companies will require a deposit, so it’s wise to ask about the general terms and refund policy in the case of cancellation. Limo companies tend to have strict rules concerning cancellation, so try to make a solid plan and avoid unnecessary charges.

Detailed Inquiry

If you want to take that extra step in making sure your client’s experience will be impeccable and unforgettable, you should ask additional questions about the chauffeur:

  • Driver’s experience: To help you in your pursuit of a perfect limo experience, it’s important to ask about the driver’s experience. A seasoned chauffeur will thus stand out from the company’s available employees. The experienced drivers are highly flexible and handle stressful city traffic conditions rather well.
  • Local guy: If you’re in two minds about what driver to choose out of several guys with pristine record, it’s advisable to select the one who’s born and raised in the area and knows the city through and through. Also, they are perfect for last minute reservations as they can show up quickly to the office.
  • Driving record: Last but not least, it’s vital that the driver has a great track and highest customer rating. Don’t worry about the clean driving record as the insurance companies don’t accept such applicants on the policy.

While it may seem like a trivial task, chartering a perfect limo for a desired date requires careful planning and extensive inquiries. With our detailed instructions, you are bound to have a terrific limousine experience.