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The Best ATV Spots the U.S. has to Offer

Although it’s not really surprising considering the sheer size of the country, the United States is home to a wide range of truly fabulous trails for ATVs and other off-road vehicles. The number of available riding trails is also rapidly increasing with every passing year, meaning there’s never been a better time to be an ATV owner. This means that it’s virtually impossible to even come close to listing every awesome American ATV adventure. Nonetheless, here are nine spots that most definitely won’t disappoint.

Moab, Utah

One of the most famous riding locations in the entire country, the beautiful desert landscape around Moab features hundreds of miles of beautiful red rock trails and canyons for riders to explore. Open around the year, Moab is definitely one place every American ATV rider needs to visit.

Paiute Trail System, Utah

One of the largest ATV trail systems in the United States, Utah’s Paiute Trail System features over 900 miles of trails that wind their way through a variety of fantastic scenery that ranges from flat meadows to high mountain peaks. Undoubtedly one of the highlights is the 238-mile-long main trail, which offers the chance for a several day trip where you’ll still have the opportunity to enjoy a hot meal or stay overnight in a hotel at any the small towns along the way.

Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, West Virginia

This system was created by the West Virginia government as a way to boost the local economy, which it has definitely done thanks to the many spectacular riding experiences it offers. This system is made up of eight separate trails and features more than 700 total miles of trails. If that sounds impressive, just wait until the project is fully complete as the expectation is to eventually have more than 2,000 miles of trails!

Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area, Pennsylvania

Located within driving distance from New York City, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, this is a fairly new riding area that currently features over 200 miles of trails. This area offers something for every type of rider, with majestic wooded trails of every difficulty level, as well as plenty of rocks, mud and more.

Baumgartner Trails, Idaho

Situated in Idaho’s beautiful Sawtooth National Forest, Baumgartner Trails is a dream for anyone who loves mountains and/or camping. The several hundred miles of trails not only take you past some truly stunning scenery, but also numerous campgrounds. This makes the area ideal for anyone looking for a longer family getaway, as you could easily spend weeks without seeing everything this gorgeous area has to offer.

Ocala National Forest, Florida

A great ride any time of the year, Ocala National Forest features several hundred miles of trails and is located just a short drive north from Orlando. As you would expect from Florida, the semi-tropical natural scenery is one of the highlights as this area is home to more than 600 lakes and rivers, many of which are ideal for taking a quick dip to cool off on your ride.

Northern Maine Trail Systems, Maine

The Maine Interconnected Trail System provides riders with several thousand miles of trails to explore. In fact, Maine is most definitely one of the best places to be an ATV owner, as the entire northern part of the state is absolutely packed with interconnected trails that you could spend almost an entire lifetime exploring.

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, Oregon

The massive sand dunes at Oregon Dunes National Rec Area attract riders from all over the country. Stretching over 40 miles of coastline, this incredible area is home to the largest coastal sand dunes in the country, some of which are over 500 feet tall. Although not all of the area is open to riding, there are still several quite large areas to explore.

Imperial Sand Dunes, California

Similar to the dunes in Oregon, California’s Imperial Sand Dunes provide a truly unique ATV experience. This area features more than 20,000 acres of open terrain for riders to explore, and it continuously ranks as one of the best dune riding opportunities in the world. Just be sure to plan your trip properly to avoid the crowds, as the area can become extremely busy around New Year’s and Halloween.

All of the above areas definitely offer some fantastic riding opportunities. However, trying to say which ATV trails are the best is virtually impossible, as it all depends on your personal taste and style. That being said, this list shows that there is truly something out there for everyone.

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