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Best Backpacking Trips

If you associate the backpack not only with school and studying, you are the real wanderer. As the antique philosophers have said, discover the world and you will discover yourself. Is it honest? – Let us know. Travel is also a kind of education.

The best trips are those, which are arranged spontaneously. To plan the trip in two days brings more emotions and pleasure than the one arranged much ahead. Just you have to know how to pack the bag right. And the small piece of information will be needed either. The adventure will wait for you if you really want them to be!

If you prefer cruise voyage to the wild nature, you are not risky. The most romantic moments occur in the mountains, at the moments of farewell with the city and being away from civilization.


There are many articles on the net, which are supposed to tell about the unknown sides of world cultures and nature, called camping trip. It is not only about the camp to take with you, but also the necessary tools. For example, a certain amount of water, as well as energy drinks, food and goods to support you. Think about the clothes – it should be appropriate not only for the season but to the nature conditions you are expected to face. There are also the dangers, which may be on the way. Be aware and ready for them!

The list of astonishing backpack memories already waits for you!

  1. Appalachian Trail, which is located in the USA, will definitely bring you such. It is named the longest footpath to exist. It will take you around 6 months to go through it. The wild nature and the greenery around will capture your imagination. Those, who will go on risk and take the trip, will have a chance to visit the highest point in the state.

The most useful thing required in the mounts and behind the cliffs is the tent. Do not forget it!

  1. Uinta Highline Trail. It is the rocky trail, which will demand the great unstoppable energy, but give the stunning experience instead. The general time it will take you is around one week. It is a perfect way to spend a vacation and relax from the daily routine. Think about the benefit, or maybe the drawback for somebody, lightning. However, there is a limited number of shelter to hide from Sun. Explore the USA and be confident in its beauty.
  2. Torres del Paine – the amazing place located somewhere in Chile. It is better to go there in winter or the late autumn. The natives call it the “towers” because of the rocky cliffs. They are mostly impressive when covered with snow. The wildlife is introduced here very widely. You will have a chance to see the animals, even pumas, with your own eyes.

If you are afraid of height – think twice before going. Here the land you are going to is located 10,000 feet above the sea level.

  1. Hiking here is extremely unique. The exotic treasures of Kalalau Trail in Hawaii give the opportunity to spend the weekend exploring the small island with wild nature. The very pleasant benefit is the weather is always warm, so you are welcomed all year long. The waterfalls will certainly catch the eye. The most popular are Hanakoa Falls.

The island is not well maintained because of wild valleys and green cliffs. However, the freshness here, expressed in greenery and air, will be good after the dust cities.

  1. Jomolhari Trek Bhutan. The great option to combine gaining the cultural experience and relax is to go deep in Bhutan mountains.

The time to go is spring and autumn. The mountains in the Himalayas are wonderful for backpacking as they offer the 16,000 feet and the impressive views. What would be good to have here is a guide not to get lost on the border of Tibet, China, and Bhutan. The culture the main part of which is religion would be very interesting to discover. Everything here is filled with its substance.

You will also get the chance to try the traditional meals. Are you already interested?

To make the long story short, do find the time to spend on nature surrounded by wilderness. It is really well worth the emotions to exchange. A vacation at college, when you will say “Write my essay for me the UK”, or skip the days at work – do take risks. The time is flowing by, do not lose it!