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Significant Benefits of ESA Certificate to Uphold Animal Rights

In a world, where human rights violations are rampant, not many people even think about animal rights. This, indeed is a totally wrong approach because social welfare must be comprehensive in recognizing the value of all lives. In fact, the unmatched companionship offered by a pet has saved millions of lives around the world. Everyone may be aware of the amazing Saint Bernard Dogs who serve as sole hope for survival to hapless travelers stuck in the Alps! For many war veterans, their dogs are the only companions who have saved their lives in the war fields and in the civilian society alike. The unconditional love offered by a dog is actually rarely seen among humans! Maybe, this is the reason why many rental properties enact no-pet notices or airline carriers refuse air travel with the support animal.

Hope is there

Hope is there for distressed pet owners in the form of an emotional support animal certification. The ESA certificate is a critical document available online by a simple application process. It is held valid under various legal stipulates championing animal rights. The Air Access Carrier Act allows a pet with ESA certificate to travel on board with the owner on domestic and international flights in America. However, for international travel, you may need to inquire further in details about the laws in the destination country. The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 holds the ESA as a valid proof to allow pets to accompany their owners in rental units where the landlord is bent on enacting a no-pets policy.

Recognition of rights

However, it may not be legible if you need to travel with your pet to a commercial establishment such as restaurants and hotels with no-pet rules. In these cases, the only option is to find a hotel where they allow animals. Many restaurants across the world also permit pets. In fact, there are a few cat cafes around the globe where cat lovers can enjoy a cup of espresso while cuddling an in-house feline! The world definitely is changing for the better, and the ESA certificate is a legal proof of that change. To obtain it, one needs to fill up an online application form with the details of emotional distress he/she may be facing.

The application undergoes reviewing under the specified guidelines outlining the types of emotional conditions that are eligible for ESA certificate. These include a host of common disorders such as phobias, anxiety, panic attack, PTSD, Autism, ADD, depression, mood swings, and suicidal tendencies. The certificate itself is essentially a signed and dated letter from a licensed therapist. The valid letterhead would categorically mention the fact that the patient is under treatment for certain mental conditions and emphasize on the therapeutic value of the pet’s presence. The emotional support animal certification is not the same as a service animal paper as the scopes of recognition are different. Nevertheless, a service animal can still be eligible for ESA certification and the emotionally certified animal can be enrolled at the National Service Animals Registry.