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Club 18-30 Resorts: 5 of the Best Malia Bars & Clubs

Out of all the Club 18-30 resorts, holidays in Malia get some serious love – the party rockers completely heart it. It’s time for you to book your break and see why for yourself.

Get ready for serious sessions, crazy carnage and some of the most epic events in the Med.

  1. Safari

The home of Malia’s hottest event, Diiiiiirty Luuuuuurve, or Dirty Love to those who aren’t so off their rocker. Expect the best Dub Step in town, a bit of D to the B and all that. It’s seriously doubtful whether there’s a way of ‘doing Malia’ without hitting Safari.

  1. Camelot Club

If you miss this place, you’ve definitely had a few too many beers. Camelot Club is the huge venue that’s, you know, inside an actual castle. Offering the best of what Malia’s known for – a sensational RnB scene.

  1. Venue

An indie spot! On a clubbing holiday! How bloomin’ fantastic. And you aren’t the only one that thinks so. Venue is the only alternative club in Malia and you can definitely tell. This place is bursting at the seams from the moment it opens its doors at 11pm.

  1. Malibu

Clubbing under the nights sky, Malia Club is all about the rhythm and blues under a star-twinkling glass roof. If you do strike up a holiday romance, or bromance, for that matter, it sets the perfect scene.

  1. Banana Club

Three words – Open. Air. Action. Banana Club is the only joint on the Malia strip to offer open air parties. These just aren’t any open air parties though, they’re Banana Club open air parties, and they’re pumping with the very best clubbing classic, cheesy choons and chart hits.  Get ready to party from dusk ’til dawn.

Ditch the travel agent, it’s a trek into town anyway, and you’ve already got the tinternet open. Take a look online at Club 18-30 resorts. Pretend to browse. Book holidays in Malia 2013.

You know it makes sense.