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Discover the Wonder and Elegance of Kerala

Are you tired of going to the same, over-travelled destinations with buses full of tourist mobs? Do you seek somewhere vibrant and intriguing yet intimate and discrete for personal milestones or business needs?

Consider the magnificence of luxurious Kerala, India. Whether you want a gorgeous setting for leisure, corporate travel or somewhere intimate for a honeymoon or a place to renew your wedding vows, Kerala holidays offer the perfect solution.

Marvel at the coastlines abounding with coconut trees, sumptuous evergreen hills, and backwaters resembling canals, knowing that this lush landscape corned in southwest India captivates.

Understand that the appeal of Kerala transcends its mere physical beauty. Enjoy the warmth of its people, the spirituality of its culture and the richness of its cuisine. Recognise the area of is known as ‘God’s Own Country’, a special gift to you from with divine intent.

Indulge yourself at a fabulous resort in picturesque backdrop, while adventuring beyond to experience the natural offerings of the locale with an excursion through its diverse landscape, visiting local delights.

Create lasting memories with visits to the local historical sites and points of interest. Explore the glorious churches at the Fort Cochin harbour. Voyage into the interior of the region to trek the natural offerings of Thekkady; or for more rigorous wildlife experiences, endeavour into the backwater lands.

You can even work on your tan to the south at the beach close Alleppey with warm sands and lines of palm trees, or rejuvenate your body, mind and soul at the Ayurveda with the ancient healing science practiced there. Learn how the lush verdant landscape of the area enriches the herbs in Kerala, forging superior therapeutic and cosmetic Ayurvedic therapies.

Trust that Kerala provides splendid service to corporate and business guests as well. Top management leaders and their teams have access to professional services, including transportation, hotels and English-speaking staff that facilitate their commercial goals while in Kerala.

Benefit from the access Kerala provides other areas of the subcontinent for India holidays. Know that holidays to India offer a medley of cultural vitality. In addition to the beaches and sun of the southern regions, explore northern India and see the glorious Taj Mahal, Agra or the popular Rajasthan with its luxurious palaces and monumental forts. Learn with holidays to India that the country truly is a place of soulful, wondrous wisdom.

Golden Sunset

Make Kerala, India, your next holiday destination, knowing that it offers everything from beach glamour, natural wonder and wellness benefits, to access to a treasure of Indian culture and sites. Whether you are looking for a place to honeymoon or for your next business conference, be confident that Kerala provides everything your heart desires.