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GPS And Other Technological Breakthroughs For Savvy Travelers

Drivers can use any help that they get. If you think about the stress they face on the road, the daily commute, the work pressures and the important business of living, the sheer acting of driving can be quite hard to do!

Luckily, the world of automation has seen some very cool technological innovations happen, and they have helped the driver immensely. From simple and practical power steering and power windows to GPS, technology, whether big and small, has made a world of difference for the driver. Let’s take a look at some of the breakthroughs that drivers now enjoy:

  1. GPS – technology that tells you where you need to go and gives you detailed directions for it has changed the way we do travel. Track drivers, stream maps, check out locations to eat, shop and party near you and get to your destination as fast and as hassle-free as you can. Global Positioning System has changed the way we do our driving.
  2. LED headlights – cars now sport light-emitting diode lamps. Small and bright, their efficiency allows for some great looking and high functioning headlights. They are light-sensitive and come on or switch off automatically depending on weather and light conditions.
  3. Airbags – one of the most important safety features in a car, the airbags have saved people from potentially life-threatening injuries and in dangerous accidents. It’s not an exaggeration to say that airbags have saved a countless number of people all over the world. What’s more, today’s airbags are even safer, coming as they do not just for the passenger and driver but also on the sides, including the sides of the second row.
  4. Stability control system – vehicles come equipped with brakes that control the car and prevent skidding and sliding. This is a boon for people who live in cold climates and rough terrain.
  5. Hybrid cars- these cars are all the rage today. A combination of fuel and electric power options, hybrid cars are good for the environment. It’s safe to say that this car type has forever changed the automobile industry. Now, more and more manufacturers are looking to build hybrid versions to cope with rising demand.
  6. Camera support- great for when you’re backing up, the backup camera is a handy addition for the driver. No turning your head or looking through the mirrors and trying to figure out traffic and obstacles. The camera has simplified parking to a large extent by giving the driver the option of looking at every detail on the curb and road.

Along with dual transmission, the smart key and cars with keyless entry, a slew of diagnostics at the touch of a button or a glance; there’s no limit to the technological possibilities one can enjoy. It even doesn’t need to be a brand new car. A used Audi a3 for example comes with so many of the features we’ve seen as technological breakthroughs. From safety door locks for kids, front lumbar support, keyless entry, high intensity discharge headlights, emergency brakes, telescopic steering column, climate control for both driver and passenger, vehicle stability control system, to controls on the steering wheel for easy access, and cruise control, the car has so much to offer the driver and the other occupants of the vehicle.